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    I backed this because the minis look cool, and after skipping Pantheon I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve got a little FOMO going on in my brain right now.

    But after watching the game play video…..I just dunno….

    Move dudes, roll dice to see if attacks hit. I don’t see anything original about it, except that they used curse words in the Kickstarter video. The whole thing feels really juvenile and pointless.

    Anyone here have anything positive to say about this?

    Pretty sure I’m going to cancel my pledge.


    Not interested at all.

    Swearing on the cards too. Nudity and violence. It’s like a bad horror movie.

    The only intriguing bit is the translucent cards.

    Looks like a typical CMON dice and plastic game with 18 rating.

    It will make a load of money of course, especially as they said kickstarter only.

    I just watched a play through of Nemesis which launches tomorrow (today now actually) and that looks so much more thematic.

    Universal Head

    I’m giving this a miss, for two reasons. One, is that the gameplay doesn’t look very interesting. I like the development and the clear cards, but the games themselves seem like bog-standard dice-chucking combat with lots of modifiers.

    Secondly, the whole theme and the way it’s being touted is – I agree with you – juvenile. I have nothing against mature themes if they advance the story or give us more effective insights into character. Here, it’s like a bunch of 12 year olds who have discovered swearing, sex and violence for the first time. It’s pretty puerile and I can only assume the whole thing seemed like a good idea to showcase Adrian Smith’s graphic novel (which may have a more interesting story, I don’t know) and use a lot of existing art, but it strikes me as a bad call.

    Plus, there’s only so many big guys draped with spikes and chains that I can paint before I lose it! 🙂

    I put my money on Nemesis instead.


    You probably got your fix of big guys with spikes when painted the Goliath Gang in Necromunda…

    And I’m not impressed with Adrian Smith’s art…

    Universal Head

    I sure bloody did! 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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