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    My name is Jonathan Gilmour. I’ve been a long time BGG user, and am excited for this forum. I’ve slacked on checking it out until now, but plan on correcting that!

    My two 10 rated games are Cosmic Encounter and Nations. I love all sorts of games, and rarely turn down anything. I especially love deep themes, and rich story telling.

    You may have heard of me as half of the design team behind Dead of Winter: A Crossroads game. I’m more than happy to answer any questions anyone has about it!

    Universal Head

    Hi Jonathan – I had no idea you co-designed Dead of Winter. Fantastic to have you here and I must organise an interview with you when I get a copy and begin my coverage of it.

    So, you must be excited, with copies finally going out to people. How does it feel?


    It’s great to have you here Jonathan, and I can’t wait to play your game!

    Wow! Upon checking the website, the pre-orders for the game are completely filled up. Looks like I should have jumped on that boat earlier, especially since Dead of Winter (along with Agents of SMERSH: 2nd Edition) is at the top of my current most anticipated games.

    I love that the game will have different variants, and I look forward to trying them all (sometimes I play with sensitive people who are strictly co-op). The art looks fantastic! I noticed that on the Watch It Played video with Rodney Smith, he mentioned that it was possible to run out of zombies which could then be filled in with tokens. I wonder if the zombie/character spaces on the board would fit the bases of the zombie miniatures I just got with Run, Fight or Die!, which arrived earlier this week. They are about 7/8 of an inch (or 22.2250 mm) in diameter and the base game comes with 60 of them. With the 2 expansions I have 40 basic walker male zombies, 40 basic walker females, and 45 variant types (15 crawlers, 15 runners and 15 brutes). I sometimes use a combination of these 125 minis in place of the zombie cutouts in City of Horror.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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