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    I should have done this a while back, but I mostly know of the EOG through Youtube where I first watched Universal Head’s Mansions of Madness painting tutorial since I allow had that game and wanted to learn how to painting miniatures better.

    Since that video series I have enjoyed The Esoteric Order of Gamers videos particularly the painting tutorials and battle reports. For the most part I think I share the same taste in games.

    I am still fairly new to miniature games (if you don’t count tabletop rpgs) having only been in the hobby for couple of years. My favorite miniatures game is Dust Warfare although I find Dust Tactics Battlefield enjoyable as well. I am also a bit of a fan of Mantic’s stuff and have both Dreadball and Deadzone both of which I quite like. Finally, I have a United States army for Bolt Action which is the only game I don’t have multiple factions for. I am also hoping to get in a couple of games of Wrath of Kings with a player in my gaming group to see if I want to get a faction of my own (I think Goritsi).

    Finally, I have a gaming blog of my own called Clash at Zverograd. It is mostly articles on Dust Warfare but also includes some Dust Battlefield, Deadzone, and other games as well.


    Universal Head

    Welcome Clash957! Great to have you here. In fact your gaming blog was in my list of bookmarks – you must update it more often with those excellent army list articles!

    CK Lai

    Oh, yes! Same here: bookmarked for the excellent content on the site (even though I play Dust Tactics). Excellent site!


    Thanks very much for the praise. I have been putting up article mostly about Deadzone as that game manages to get played more with my non-gamer friends more since it shorter to get in games, not quite as difficult to play, not a sports game (poor Dreadball), and takes up far less space which helps in the speed of play. Which I personally feel is relative to the other miniatures games I have, but that is what my friends seem to think.

    A member of my gaming group has Wrath of Kings, and I really want to give it a try. This weekend I am going to be playing a game of Dust Battlefield. I haven’t done so in while so it will be interesting how rusty I am.

    Universal Head

    Great to see some Deadzone content too – I also play that. Keep us updated on your WoK and DT experiences!

    PS Added a link to your blog in your original post.


    Hey Clash957, thanks for the Dust tips, one of these days we may actually get all the rules right (unlikely, but possible).

    Re Wrath of Kings, I’m now embarking on painting the Teknes and I think the Goritsi are an easier job because there are fewer of them and a lot of larger figures, which are easier to paint. Having said that, the Goritsi War Dancers are an utter pain to paint, tiny and very detailed. I really struggled to get a solid white on their dresses, especially after stupidly putting a black wash over them to create drop shadows on the dresses, a nice pale grey would have worked a treat.

    I don’t pretend to be anywhere near the same league as universal head when it comes to figure painting (my hands shake for one thing), but his video instructions are an excellent place to start.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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