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    Just a quick intro to say Hi.

    Dan D who plays in Melbourne at Royal Standard and Godzilla Games recommended this site for the excellent work done on the Study in Emerald rules.

    The site looks great and although I am usually loathe to sign up to yet-another-forum-and-login, this one seems worthwhile.

    I used to game a bit in the 80’s and then the interest slipped due to job and family. Now that my kids are old enough to play, I am returning to the fold and am really enjoying discovering the diversity of themes and mechanics that have evolved over the years.

    I am currently building up a games collection, using selection criteria of:

    • games that are or will be of interest to my kids,
    • best examples of their genre,
    • best examples of their mechanic.

    BGG ratings have been invaluable for this, and Kickstarter has been a great channel for sourcing the new and interesting. Although the Kickstarter pledge frenzies have been hard to resist and I am currently undergoing self-managed detox, and trying to give KS a bit of a break.


    Universal Head

    Welcome Tangram11, good to have you here! Things are a little quiet at the moment, but that’s only because you’re one of the chosen few who are right here at the establishment of the forums. You’ll tell your children about it one day! 🙂

    I’m without children and have no interest in the little horrors at all 😉 – but I do think it’s a fantastic way for parents and children to spend time together. Unfortunately I don’t take kids into account when I select my games … but I’m sure you’ll find plenty of games here that are appropriate for ’em anyway!


    Gday Tangram, I’ve been converting my kids since they were 5 , and now that I live apart from them our weekends together are more often than not spent gaming 🙂 they range in ages from 8-13, boy and girls. The games that have been popular are munchkin, blood bowl team manager (no,really) Talisman ( although that tends to be long) and a recent addition, Dungeons and Dragons 5th ed ( the latest one)
    I have played Memoir 44 with my stepson and god son and that is a good into for them into mini games. I even tried my kids out on Warhammer 40k at one point…..
    Bottom line is any game should be ok, provided the graphics aren’t explicit and you allow for breaks every hour or so…….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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