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    Hello there!

    I recently got myself a game which has been on my list for quite a while now. After checking in with many many stores i finally got one of the last german copies of Horus Heresy (without a ridiculous price) i could find on amazon. And that was the reason i decided to sleeve all the cards. Who knows, in some time it might even have some kind of value to it. The problem with sleeved cards (at least with FF sleeves) is that a stack can’t contain more than 30 cards. That already makes for a slippery stack that most likely will end up all over the table. So while i was thinking about how to store everything (the cards didn’t have any storage, not even zip bags) i did something new this time which solved all my problems at once.

    The box is so big (one of the old coffin boxes), i just didn’t want to make a full foamcore insert for it. Besides, the game only has very few tokens and storing those and all the minis in bags made sense, since a foamcore insert wouldn’t speed up the setup time drastically. So what i did are little trays for all the cards. That way i can store them nicely in the box, put them on the table quickly and have all the card stacks secured. And do all of that in a short time frame.
    Card trays

    I could even add small trays for the tokens later on so i can put those on the table too without opening a bag, but so far that wasn’t necessary. I might continue this, what i call foamcore essentials, with some games in the future, because creating only the most important parts saves time.

    Phew, glad i got that off my chest. So what about the game? Has anyone played it before?

    We were able to play two rounds of Scenario 1 so far. That Scenario is completely pre-set without much variety, but that also makes it easier to get into it.
    The first time i was the loyalists. It’s a real charm to start with all your units on the map. Lay back and enjoy the efforts of the traitor while he has to land most of his units. That game took 4 hours of battles here and there, some rules and faq checking and in the end i won by a sudden ambush which resulted in controlling all four spaceports.

    In the second round i took the role of the traitor and decided to take a different route than my predecessor. At the start of the game i dropped all my titans and tried to flood the map with the best untis i got. I shortly controlled three spaceports, but two of them got wiped out in a blink of an eye. All my efforts were concentrated on the imperial palace though. I pushed as hard as i could and got in. After two hours a surprising chain of events lead to the imperial player gaining control of all spaceports and landing on the spaceport victory field on the initiative track in the same round (after which a victory by controlling the spaceports becomes possible). So after two hours all i could achieve was breaching the outer palace and gaining control of one (ONE!) area despite my efforts. We had a good laugh.

    It was a lot of fun and the game makes for a lot of thematic story moments. There is some strategy and some luck in card draws involved which keeps everything interesting and can turn a defeat to a surprising victory. Somehow during the game you aren’t doing that much though. Taking control of areas takes time because your units wont be able to go any further until their activation markers get removed. The initiative track is a brilliant system and the game looks stunning with those 3d plastic buildings.
    Also, the first scenario is definitely in favor of the imperial player, as the traitor player even starts with less units than in all the other scenarios. I guess it’s meant for players to learn the game.

    Anyone else care to share some experiences? I’m looking forward to playing this again soon and see how the other scenarios are.


    Just to be clear: this is about the 2010 FFG remake. But comments about the original (or even a comparison between the two) are very welcome as well.

    Universal Head

    Hi MW. I’ve own both versions, have played the original several times, and the remake once. All in storage at the moment sadly! It is a fun game, very cinematic, but I was very frustrated that FFG didn’t fix the problem of there being no room in the palace to stack units – instead, with the plastic pieces and terrain, they magnified it!

    It’s kind of sad that FFG don’t make these big coffin box games anymore.

    One day when I get it back I’ll make a foamcore insert for it – or perhaps I already have, I can’t remember …


    Good to hear!

    This is actually the only bigbox game by FFG i own. Though as far as i know the last one they still got is Twilight Imperium i think. I would love to try that at some point but i don’t think that time is now. Besides i’d be afraid they release a fourth edition as soon as i get into it.

    And yes it can get very crowded on those plastic pieces. The worst so far was a hero, a laser, three units and then try to put an activation token in there. Can get a little annoying. As long as its just a hero and three units its quite okay, as the units can partly stand on the herobase, too (that way they even stand upright and not skewed). So far i didn’t see that as a big drawback. More so i don’t see how they should have fixed that. The board is already HUGE (and also the only reason why the gamebox is so big, as all the rest does’t need that much space).

    The original was with cardboard pieces, right? And it already had a space problem?

    Universal Head

    Funny, I’m alway worried about the “they’ll release a fourth edition’ thing too. Though I did notice in the FFG ‘upcoming’ list that it was being reprinted, so perhaps there’s very little chance of that happeing. I finally played a couple of turns of it the other night, and my group is always talking about setting aside a day on the weekend to play it through.

    Yes, the original of HH had the same problem, the place spaces were too small. FFG should have made the palace bigger and the space round smaller. The 3D terrain just exasperates the problem, from what I remember.
    Oh well, I will play it again one day when – everybody together now – I get it out of storage!


    Hah! Sorry to dig this one out, just stumbled upon it. Will you look at that. Was afraid back then about a possible TI 4th edition and two years later it was released, indeed.

    Universal Head

    I still haven’t bought it – getting enough players together for such a long time is such a vanishingly rare occurrence it’s not worth the money.

    Thankfully, everything is out of storage these days! That was a painful few years without my babies …

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