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    Just watched an unboxing of Malign Sorcery for the Age of Sigmar…

    Really like the Endless Spells idea and they look great.

    And the undead models from Age of Sigmar: Soul Wars look so… chilling (aka cool).

    I dislike the idea of the Old World being destroyed to make way for the ‘fantasy 40K marines’ which is what the golden armoured jessies of sigmar really are…

    But seriously tempted to dive in on this one… might want to flog the ‘jessies’ to someone else and get a better looking army though.

    And I can get Soul Wars + Malign Sorcery for a mere £112 with free delivery (as opposed to £140 + free delivery from GW).

    Universal Head

    Funny you should post this, for some bizarre reason I just ordered the new starter set. I don’t like the whole He-man in space thing either, but I like the ghost figures, and since I bought the last W40K set (which I haven’t played yet!) I thought I’d get the latest Warhammer one too, since they both come with the hardback book (the real selling point for me). It’s expensive here, but not crazy expensive.

    Also, I need to cover the more recent stuff these days to get more viewers in! So I’ll see how the new system plays and might even do an Age of Sigmar battle report. 🙂


    Does make me feel disloyal to the Old World though…

    And I think Malign Sorcery sold me on it… spells wandering the battlefield.

    Couple of weeks ago, as an impulse buy, I bought Storm of Sigmar. Just £16 for two very small armies of Chaos Vs Sigmar with rules and dice.

    Going to try it out tomorrow, but unless it’s a total disaster I will buy Soul Wars and Malign Sorcery.

    Universal Head

    Yeah, me too. I don’t want to support Age of Sigmar, but let’s face it, it’s here to stay and the Old World is gone. GW stuff is too expensive for me to get larger armies – not what I want to anyway – but I do feel like I should at least give the newest set of rules a go.

    I intend to paint the minis as quickly as possible with the help of an airbrush!


    I don’t have airbrush. Spray can for primer. Going to use my P3 Frostbite (Everblight blue white) and Necrotite (Cryx green) for the wraiths and their friends. Some sort of wash over that. Probably.


    Played Storm of Sigmar today, the ultra cheap version go Age of Sigmar. Four units in the box: two eternals (3&2) and two chaos (5&3).

    No ranged combat, no spells, so limited options.

    Dice fest as usual. Had a laugh though.

    Going to buy Soul Wars and Malign Sorcery.

    Had a revelation on the way home… Sigmars bunch are dwarves… slow moving, heavy armour, good in melee.

    So my thought is this… Stormcast Eternals get shorter with proxy miniatures… they become Stonecast Hammerlads in service of Bugman…

    Same stats exactly with different flavour text.

    I have problems with the fantasy space marines, but revise them as storm god serving dwarves and that’s fine…


    Try building your force with the AOS skirmish rules….looks like a fun way to slowly grow your force.


    I just played a test game of AoS last night (the first three little learning scenarios from the release event).

    The minis are wonderful. While I’m not a fan of the Stormcasts myself, I can see their craftsmanship and appeal to others. The nighthaunts are simply gorgeous – some of the best undead minis I’ve seen.

    The books are beautiful. Nicely laid out with great photos of the game. The new box (Soul Wars) is chock full of stuff and certainly worth the €110 I could get it for at our store.

    But the game system? Oh my. If it already manages to bore me too tears in the three 20 minutes games I played, how am I supposed to stand a 2-hour full game? Nothing but rolling buckets of d6. No thanks, but this is not for me.

    Universal Head

    Oh no! I preordered the set, and in fact today (in hindsight, perhaps foolishly, but I was bored) I just bought the Tormented Spirits set on Ebay to round out the Night Haunts a bit (which, I notice, is now discontinued now you can only get the three unit types in it individually and for what adds up to almost twice the price).

    Is it really that bad? I feared it might be. Do you think it’s because they are just learning scenarios? 20 minutes seems very short and the first few scenarios of any starter set are usually pretty bad and overly simple.

    Warhammer has, sadly always been about rolling buckets of dice. But I was hoping they’d introduced some interesting things in what was a completely new set of rules.

    Universal Head

    Oh well, if worse comes to worse I can add the Night Haunts to my Confrontation Ram army. 🙂


    Hmm… my post is not showing up depsite being submitted. Trying again, sorry if it appears twice.

    Admittedly they were very, very simple mini-scenarios for learning the rules. But for me they only managed to highlight the flaws and weaknesses in the game. Take the very first one, teaching charges and melee combat:

    1 Stormcast against 4 nighthaunts (2×2). The nighthaunts (my side) are placed 6″ away from the stormcast and go first. They are much weaker than the Stomrcast and only have a chance if at least some of them can attack first. For a charge, I roll my move distance with 2d6 – so I need at least a 6 to reach the enemy. First group rolls – a 3. Now, if they don’t manage to reach the target of the charge, they don’t move at all! So they are stuck. Second group rolls – a 3! Now the Stormcast goes – he easily rolls 6+ and reaches one of my two groups and slaughters them. Now my second group is more like 12″ away from the stormcast and of course fails to reach him. We roll until one of us rolls a 12 (my opponent does), and he slaughters my second group.

    That might be teach me the rules for charging, but it also shows me that this is utterly luck-dependent. Since the game is “full turn one side, then full turn other side”, there isn’t much meaningful decision on which unit to activate first either.

    Having to make meaningful decisions DURING the game (instead of when building my army) is what gaming is about for me (and one of the reasons why I love WotR so much). And this seems dearly lacking in Age of Sigmar. I am sure it is fine as a dice-chucking vehicle to pit two gloriously painted armies against each other, but the constant dice rolling without real decisions is just bugging the hell out of me.


    That seems a bad example of play. I have the Storm of Sigmar set which is melee only.

    I understand teaching you charge, but units can move (varies by unit) and if within 3″ on enemy can “pile in” which closes to melee.

    The confusing part at first was each player has a turn, but when it comes to melee, you alternate attacking, so you fight in your melee phase and enemies melee phases.

    I know for tournament it matters, but no reason why in friendly games you can’t just alternate activate units anyway.

    And the whole player one turn and player two turn is common, Warmachine does it too, so that’s the two big companies do it.

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