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    Cheaper to print 🙂 ink bloody expensive… my printer won’t take replacements… only over priced Epson ink.


    That is the GW way….easy entry with top quality for a really good price (new Kill Team Box ca. 260$ of stuff for 130$ or your AoS/40K 2 player starter) to get started…and after the hook and sinker are deep in…just pull ´em in and squeeze ´em dry 🙂

    Especially for “collectors/players” that do not just want one Necromunda gang…or one Blodbowl team…or one small army with no variety in AoS / 40K there is either the “all-in GW Hobby”…and near nothing else…or the amazing ability to just wet your toe with the good price offer…and be contempt with it…and additionally a whole wide world of other games with better price/play-value (not better quality—GW plastic is top notch) to play along. 🙂

    It´s a hard struggle…and sometimes they still get you…although you should know better after so many decades…but hey…we are addicts after all 😉

    AvatarUniversal Head

    We are indeed. One thing I’ll say for them, at least they’re communicating these days. In the Kill Team announcement they didn’t shy away from the fact that Shadow War: Armageddon was pretty much abandoned.

Viewing 3 posts - 37 through 39 (of 39 total)
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