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    I’m running some rebels through the Imperial Assault core campaign at the moment and as anyone who has played it knows, the game duration can vary a bit.

    As we only have around 2hrs a week to play, that means we will at occasionally not have enough time to start a second mission, but I don’t like the idea of cutting the game session short…

    So I have decided to customise it by adding the remaining attributes (Agility, Will Power, Presence) from the FFG Star Wars RPG (Fist=Brawn, Eye=Cunning, Spanner=Intelligence) to Imperial Assault.

    On a 6×4 card I have printed the six attributes with a list of the skills ripped from the RPG.

    Studying the existing attribute tests, it appears that the skill progress is blue (2 surges), green (3 surges) and yellow (4 surges).

    So I give each rebel blue/green in two of the new attributes and blue/green/yellow in the one that seems most likely to be their favoured.

    Note: When the rebel is flipped, their best colour is replaced by red (1 surge).

    The reason for the list of skills is partially to make it easier to decide which attribute to use, but there’s also a check box by each skill for experience. Experience for this is awarded only in the RPG sections of the game. If the box is checked, they add a Focus (green) die to the skill.

    The RPG sections will not be turn based, but more abstract… until combat breaks out.

    As for skill difficulties… rather than rolling a black dice, I will set the difficulty from 0 to 3 with an excess of surges required to complete the task.

    Winning and losing are less relevant as the Imperial player gets no reward.

    It’s all theoretical of course, but I hope to give it a try at some point, possibly this weekend.

    CK Lai

    I thought the whole point of games like Imperial Assault was you played the missions in bite-sized chunks? Usually, 2-3 hours will suffice. Then put away and play again the next time. I’m not sure how your adding these extra stats will help the game play faster?

    That said, it’s certainly a nice, fun addition and should make the games more interesting.


    It’s to fill time at the end of the mission.

    Not adding this RPG element to the main missions, but I have less than 2 hrs a week and with set up there’s unlikely going to be time to play more than one.

    If first mission takes an hour or more by time we done XP there’s maybe 30 mins left, not enough time for another.

    RPG sessions are more flexible in duration. Can be simple social encounters with mostly talking and no miniatures required.

    I will use a wipe clean mat to sketch out tactical encounters which will be simple ones: bounty hunters etc.

    CK Lai

    Huh. Cool idea. Dual purpose game 😉

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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