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    Universal Head

    Didn’t I say something recently about not buying into any more miniatures games? Yeah right… I just bought a copy of the Infinity: Operation Icestorm starter set. I’ve been reading about this game for a while and the recent Shut Up & Sit Down review pushed me over the edge. Any other Infinity players out there?

    CK Lai

    Alkemy! Alkemy! Alkemy! 😉

    Universal Head

    Invested hugely into both Confrontation and Wrath of Kings as I am, there’s just no room for Alkemy, sorry …

    CK Lai

    Hahaha. I was only kidding…

    (That said, my 4 Alkemy factions come in at under 80 minis in total, which is probably how many minis there are in 1 faction of WoK. I’m surprised.)

    Infinity does look interesting, now that I’ve read that review you linked to. The “pool of actions” and use it how you like system is very interesting. Much better than the current system most games have (although Alkemy does alleviate this to a certain extent by giving elite troops and leaders more APs, it still is nowhere near as flexible as Infinity’s system).

    The only thing stopping me from getting into Infinity was I read the rules can be a tad bit complex… so I shall watch your adventures with Infinity with great interest!

    (I should also mentioned I got the MERCS Recon KS, which allows me to also play the MERCS tabletop minis game… which means I have WAY too many games on my plate as well to even THINK of getting into Infinity… although as a certain famous international super secret agent once said: “Never Say Never”.)

    Universal Head

    I know – I should have put a 🙂 in there!

    I really put off Infinity because, well, it’s yet another system, and also I wasn’t keen on the anime influence. But the anime touches are pretty subtle, and I’ve come around to the idea of playing in a ‘hard’ futuristic scifi setting. And people do rave about the system, which does seem as if you’re both heavily involved all the time. I do like the idea of the orders so you don’t have to activate every figure each turn too, that’s clever simplification.

    The full rulebook does look very complex, because there are so many options and they go into great detail so there’s no ambiguity for tournament play. I’m hoping to do some videos as Will and I – he’s here again next month – go through some of the learning scenarios in the starter set. Anyway, I won’t make any more purchases until we’ve been through the starter set and we see if it rocks or not!


    Congratulations on your purchase of Operation IceStorm. Wasn’t there an AT-43 release called that too?

    Did you manage to snare a LE box with the bonus CSU, Corporate Security Unit figure ?
    Mini-skirt suit and machine-gun brief case.

    From appearances there are some nice re-sculpts in the set. Especially the Fusiliers compared to their earlier versions.
    Some Infinity figures can be very difficult to put together and often require pinning if you can actually drill a hole in some of the small part. Although the recent released have improved to a degree. The effort is well worth it as most of the figures look stunning when painted.

    Have Will and yourself chosen sides yet ?

    Infinity also has some combined order shenanigans and linked team mumbo jumbo for advanced combat after you master the basic rules and concepts.

    Universal Head

    It was called Operation Frostbite. Close!

    No idea if I have the LE set actually, it was Ebay. Probably not.

    Glad I’ve come along just as they’ve re-released a lot of the figures, good timing! The starter set comes with PanOceania and Nomad forces; you can see the box contents here. Looks lik there’s some very detailed painting jobs ahead! Hell Dorado figures are a bugger to put together too, so I’ve been there.

    How long have you been playing razide?


    The CSU figure is the last one if you scroll down the page displaying the box contents.
    Her brief case MG looks a bit like an old movie projector when seen this large.

    I think they could have used something more like the Karakuri for the CSU.

    I’ve been collecting Infinity for 3-4 years. One of these days I may challenge my wife to a game and probably cop a thrashing.

    Universal Head

    So, tell us what you like about the game!


    Firstly the figures. Great sculpts and styling.

    The background – involving story lines. However I need to read the books in detail.
    Eight factions with sectorial groupings for flexible army construction.

    Rules. Some interesting abilities and equipment – ThermoOptic Camo, repeaters, Hacking, Link teams, combined orders. Viral weapons, TAGs, different types of orders. Allows for different flavours of play – a holistic group or individual heroic actions with the rest of the group supplying orders. Playable with small squad numbers.

    An active forum community.
    Also some podcasts like MayaCast or TotallyCrit are entertaining and helpful.

    I am still surprised they have not released a board game yet.

    The downside is you need to have a reasonable amount of scenery to play the game to provide cover.

    Universal Head

    Seems to be a lot of individual detail to remember for each model, is that a problem?


    I’m not sure if Op IceStorm has the full rule book or not but I would recommend going to the Infinity site and downloading the full one (this is 258 pages & just over 20MB and does not include the fluff/background book content you get when you buy the N3 2-bookset).

    Also it does not include all the troop profiles from the other books Human Sphere & Campaign Paradiso – you can find those in N3 unit profiles PDF.
    I think they are intending to release revised N3 versions of these books later this year or early next year.
    There is also a weapons PDF that could prove useful too.

    You can also go to the Infinity Army builder and after it finally loads, use it to printout the troops you are using for the game. It details all their abilities and stats for reference during the game. It also totals up points and SWC (special weapons costs) for you and can deal with sectorial as well as regular army construction.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 150 total)
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