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    AvatarCK Lai

    @ Wonderslug: wasn’t WoK supposed to be your first minis game? πŸ˜‰

    But yeah… If you’ve assembled the Sedition Wars (and Deadzone) minis, metal shouldn’t be a problem.

    I’d advise pinning the larger models though.


    Op Icestorm

    Hope it works now, I can try getting better pics if needed.





    Those minis look sweet! I really like the basing too. I need a course on base building.

    Ck Lai yeah…..but then I saw this game and it totally appeals to me, thematically and mechanically.

    Wrath of Kings is still something I enjoy looking at because it is damn pretty, but I still cant quite get past the back and forth turns similar to all the other war games I’ve seen.

    That’s always been a huge barrier for me to be interested in war gaming. The first few turns always feel like setup, each player moving his pieces closer to the center of the table, while the other player stands there and watches. Once all the pieces are bunched together in the middle, fighting starts.

    I’m very attracted to the idea of trying to move “in cover” to avoid gun shots from the reactions.


    Thanks, no need for much basebuilding skill, those are resin bases from Microartstudio.

    I can understand your lack of interest in turn based wargames. You should have a look at malifaux then too. It’s also a skirmish game, the minis are pretty awesome if you like that style, the game works with cards instead of dice and players alternate model activation.

    AvatarUniversal Head

    Wow, they look fantastic Multigoret! Inspiring work.


    Thanks a lot, i did spent some hours on them. I really need to start getting into airbrush to speed up some of the process.

    I was thinking of doing some batreps of my own. I don’t know if this is a right tread though. I am even thinking about buying a small camcorder. Any advice on doing batreps or camcorder would be very welcome.

    I have a Spacehulk sort of batrep, recorded with my phone-cam. I would have to stop swearing in my vids though and not use copyrighted background music πŸ˜›

    Spacehulk boardgame gameplay


    Multigoret. I want to do that which mini painters fear most. I want to click the images to see the bigger. πŸ™‚ Those minis look great.

    So, I couldn’t get Infinity out of my brain all day at work, and I recalled down the street from my house is a game store where a few weeks ago I spied some random boxes of Infinity figures on the sale shelf. I’m not quite 100% ready to dive in yet; I really want to push myself to finish painting more of what I already own before buying MORE. But I wanted to get my hands on one figure to mess around with pinning/assembling and see the detail and scale first-hand.

    So most of what they had was gone now, but I did pick this up.

    Miranda Ashcroft

    It actually has “Not for Sale” on the cover art and no bar code to scan. The shop owner didn’t even know how much to charge, so they said, “$10 OK?” I said, “ok.” I had no idea. Anyway, so I can only find a little mention of her here and there, but two ebay auctions have/had her for $25 each.

    The few posts I can find about her seem to be pretty complainy/controversial about the rules for mercenaries and her point cost, etc. I have no clue about any of that. I just thought she looked neat.

    So, where does one get all the stats for the figures? I imagined that sort of thing would be, you know, in the box with the figure.


    Infinity has a lot of exclusive minis or special edition (Gencon, preorder, Angel GIraldez POainting Guide, boxed set included mine etc.)

    Don’t know the one you got but i bet it’s a god catch and a lucky 10$ price on it!

    You can find the stats of all the minis on the army builder.

    Army builder

    Just check any Human faction like PanOcaeania for example, then on top on Filter Classification you choose Mercenary Troops there you will find Miranda.

    Had a look at hr stats, but i am a complete noob and can’t judge if she is worth 19pts… πŸ˜›

    Doesn’t matter really, if i would have a store down the road selling her for 10$ she would have been mine for sure!

    AvatarUniversal Head

    @Multigoret β€œFucking sixes man!” I feel your pain, very funny!

    If you’re planning to do more filming, I recommend getting some softbox lights like these. A good camera that films high definition of course. I use a Sony RX100 Mk II because it’s a great stills camera too, but a dedicated camcorder is probably even better.

    And yes, copyrighted music is a no-no. πŸ™‚

    AvatarCK Lai

    @ Wonderslug. Yeah. The activations and the ARO in Infinity are very appealing to me to. Very different to most other skirmish games (although some critics have mentioned things like ‘cheerleader syndrome’ to describe it) πŸ™‚

    I guess SF gaming and fantasy will always differ. Fantasy tends to be slower and no Overwatch is available… Although Alkemy does have a version of that to overcome the U Go I Go syndrome.

    WoK tries to overcome that by providing variable activations. A solo figure or a combined group activation.

    Still, since I recently got into Deadzone (on top of WoK, Alkemy, Dust Tactics and now Nemesis), I really need to slow down and play what I have and not get sucked into the Cult of the New any more.


    Is there any way in the Army Builder to add portraits of the figures to each stat sheet? Seems like it would be helpful for noobs printing army lists who aren’t that familiar with all the models.

    I assembled the miniature last night and boy, that was fiddly work. It’s been a while since Sedition Wars assembly and I forgot how small those pieces can get. I wanted to pin the arms, but I couldn’t find a good angle to get the drill lined up without sending it out the other side, so I just settled for the little nubs to secure it. Seems like a solid bond for now.

    An observation that I’m sure you guys can help with. Mold lines. With plastic figures, craft knife them away and they’re done. I used a file for the first time on this Infinity figure, and it felt like a balancing act of removing the mold line without removing details on the figure. I noticed that the lines came off with pretty minimal pressure from the file, so I tried to keep a light touch. Does that sound right from your experience? Also, do you guys typically assemble the miniature THEN remove the mold lines, or do you remove them BEFORE assembly?

    I’ll post a pic once she’s based and primed.

Viewing 12 posts - 37 through 48 (of 150 total)
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