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    So I took a stab at the Kemet insert you posted a while back, with a couple of revisions. Thanks for the awesome guide and design. This is my first time using the new layout, and it was great.

    A few tweaks I made:

    1. Added a wedge divider to the player board/card section. Without it, I found it difficult to remove the player boards. Only laid down “flooring” from the stock cardboard, personal preference.

    2. After building the figure box w/ lid, I found the arrangement a bit too fiddly, as it was very difficult to remove the lid without removing the whole box. Too fiddly, imho. I “welded” the two exterior boxes with new foam core in the middle to form the third box and laid down the Kemet logo as a floor, because it’s just too damn cool to throw out.

    3. Added flooring in the Power Tile bays.

    4. Dual token trays. One for Permanent VPs and one for Temporary VPs.

    Finally, what a fun game, right!? My friend and I cracked it open for the first time this weekend and quickly fell in love.

    Universal Head

    Excellent work WonderSlug. I love seeing people modify the plans to their own requiremnts, everyone’s needs and tastes differ. Yep, this game rocks. I just got the C3K expansion that allows you to use the monsters from Cyclades (and the monsters from Kemet in Cyclades).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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