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    CK Lai

    @ UH: Look like we’ll have to agree to disagree 🙂

    My issue with these folks is:

    1. They say shouldn’t objectify people as sex objects. No problem. I do agree there.

    2. They want positive role models for their 5 year old daughters so they don’t learn the wrong things. Also agree. No problem there.

    3. But when it comes to violence: chopping off the head of another human and carrying said head off to win the game… silence.

    So my take out is:

    – Violence is OK, even for kiddies. Shrug. It’s only a game.

    – Flash a bit too much skin in a game? Shock. Outrage. Barbarians at the gate! We CANNOT have this in a game!!!

    Okaaaayyyy… (shrugs)

    Universal Head

    Let’s not get into all this stuff CK, it’s impossible to have a good discussion on such topics via forums. Over a beer in the pub is a much better venue. There are too many variables, not least vague groupings of people with infinitely varied graduations of opinions under broad labels. Life’s more complicated and full of shades of grey, I’m sure you’ll agree.

    Anyway, back to games! Played the second scenario of Conan last night, and it was a fantastic, very cinematic game. I’m absolutely loving the game system, it’s very clever. I’ll get a summary done as soon as they release the better rulebook they’ve been promising.


    I think the revised rules were due November, so yet again Monolith running late.

    Hopefully they’ll be better organised with Mythic Battles: Pantheon,

    Downloaded the Print and Play, but I’m not likely to print it as it will cost a fair bit. Tried to get hold of the original game to get some activation cards, but the price has shot up in UK and it’s a rarity anyway.

    CK Lai

    @UH: sure thing! If I’m ever in NZ or you’re in Malaysia, we can hoist a pint or two 🙂

    @8th: is Mythic Battles 1.0 compatible with 2.0 (KS version?). I thought they’d revamped a lot of things?


    @CK not compatible as far as I know, but I thought it would be cheaper and less hassle to but 1.0 as the activation cards look similar. I think the dice may be the same too. Plus a map board.

    Print all that myself and it might cost more than the 2.0 game.


    Mythic Battles: Pantheon pledge manager arrived. Now the hard part… deciding what to add..


    Just been to Mythic KS page and comments section has exploded.

    Apparently the shipping costs are extremely and people are considering cancelling their pledge.

    I’ve not completed mine yet, so not sure how much it will cost to get the $99 game shipped, never mind any potential addons.

    Edit: $40 shipping for base game to UK. $80 for the $299 pledge.

Viewing 7 posts - 361 through 367 (of 367 total)
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