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    There were an abundance of new KS launches today, but nothing that leapt out and made me say ‘pledge now’, but something will entice me soon enough.

    Friend of mine is interested in ‘Elite Dangerous: The RPG’ which is due to arrive on KS sometime this month.

    Chapter 3 & 4 of Z-War One is due too and my ‘complete the set’ may encourage me to get the next two chapters (of six in total). One thing the creators have promised that I like the idea of is a box large enough for all the game when completed… I hate multiple boxes for one game.

    And several of last years KS are due to arrive in the next 2-3 months… Widowers Wood, Endure the Stars, Pandemonium and This War Of Mine.

    I just hope the Trumpocalypse doesn’t begin before they arrive…

    Universal Head

    I’m really considering long and hard before I get into any Kickstarters this year. In my experience so far I’m ending up with OK games with huge amounts of miniatures that never get used (or even painted).

    Wrath of Kings and Blood Rage were both good deals and quality games, as was Scythe.

    Journey Wrath of Demons still hasn’t fully delivered and the game is pretty meh.
    Shadows of Brimstone is finally about to fully deliver after a long wait. The minis are less than average and the game is half-baked IMO.
    B.Seiged is an over-produced game too reliant on luck that will very rarely make it to the table.
    The Others and Fireteam Zero are both OK but not amazing, and I’ll doubt I’ll play them enough to use all the extra content.
    Rum & Bones is OK and for some reason I got the new version – we’ll see how much better the gameplay is.
    Conan is a fun game, but there’s so much extra stuff that will probably never get used and the publisher can’t even get a decent rulebook out let alone release scenarios that use any of it.

    There have been other relatively forgettable games I’ve backed. In short, unless the deal is really amazing and I think I’ll actually use all the extra stuff, I seem to be ending up with a lot of shelf-filler.

    I wonder if it isn’t better to just wait until a game is released and the real reviews come out before getting it.


    I did go KS nuts last year and although the kickstarter itself is interesting to watch as it unfolds, the waiting for product can be very tedious.

    Waiting for product to be released by the likes of FFG is bad enough, as it is many months from announced to released… and that dreadful ‘on the boat’ seems endless.

    My shelves are jammed at present and I will need to make more space, so I’m trying to curb my KS pledging. Need to control my ‘collect the expansion’ urge too, but I keep falling (Jabba’s Realm in the post).

    You’re right about the rules though. Does feel like we’re the beta testers sometimes, CMON are really bad for that.

    But when that pile of miniatures starts to grow in a kickstarter it does get hard to resist…

    Universal Head

    I’m increasingly concerned about the lack of professionalism, playtesting, and product support. Monolith had a long time to get their rulebook right, and the end result was an amaturish mess in writing, translation and design.

    CMON released a new version of Rum & Bones hot on the heels of the last, and a lot of publishers seem to be fixing their games post-release.

    CK Lai

    For 2017, I’m probably only pledging for Rise of Moloch (Victorian steampunk magic, which oushes all 3 buttons for me) and Rising Sun (hopefully will be as good if not better than Blood Rage).

    The surprise KS for me for 2016 was Project : ELITE (massive controversy, naff minis but incredibly fun gameplay.) When a game ends up #1 and #2 respectively on Tom Vasel AND Rahdo’s Best of 2016 list, you know it’s got something going for it, since these 2 guys are on the opposite ends of the boardgame spectrum.

    Scythe was also good, as was Conan, so no regrets there. I enjoyed The Others but question its longevity.

    Aeon’s End and The Networks garnered good reviews but I haven’t yet had the time to play them.

    Haven’t had time to play Mantic’s Deadzone 2.0 or Warpath 2.0

    Centauri Saga was a bit of a disappointment. Banner Saga: no motivation to play.

    All in all, 2016 was more hits than misses for me. 😀


    Ill health from my gaming group cancelled a lot of plans, so I still haven’t got around to playing Blood Rage.

    Had quick solo tests of Z-War, Thunderbirds, Zombicide Black Plague and B-Sieged.

    Moloch does ‘punch the right buttons’ for me too, but if 2016 taught me anything it is CMON make nice looking games with lots of miniatures, poorly designed gameplay and a reliance on too much dice rolling.

    I was a backer for Project Elite, but dropped out due to the dice mechanic of fast rolling repeatedly with a time limit… hated that idea. And given the miniatures quality I’m glad I stayed out of it.

    Deadzone 2.0 is still on my assembly line, but that was a cash buy, not kickstarter and I’m regretting it now as it sounds a pain to muster an army. Cards make life easier for war games.

    Speaking of cards and war games, although not a KS… Warmachine/Hordes MK3 had a lot of errors that needed errata and Skorne is still a mess apparently (but luckily I don’t have that faction). Why mention it? Seems Privateer Press are going to abandon the cards with the figures as ‘everyone uses the app’… which is a load of crap…. I prefer cards. Alternative is print your own cards and that can get expensive… not to mention reduced print quality!

    Universal Head

    What the hell! I just spent $90 on the damn Cryx, Menoth and Mercenary cards. That’s the THIRD time I’ve bought card sets for that game. BASTARDS!

    Universal Head

    I am really getting sick of games being fixed AFTER they’ve been released and we’ve paid for them.


    I bought Cygnar, Cryx, Mercenary and Circle.

    A lot of the fixes are wording (gang crops up a lot) and you can download pdfs of all cards errata (except Skorne which is delayed due to lot of mistakes) and print yourself.

    I guess it matter more if you play in tournaments.

    It had put me off buying more miniatures if they don’t provide cards with future releases.

    Universal Head

    I think I should have just printed them all myself in the first place, I probably could have done it cheaper.

    They’re not providing cards anymore for two reasons and two reasons only:

    1. It makes them money because they can charge the same and don’t have to print cards anymore.
    2. They don’t have to worry about getting the cards right first time, or deal with any grief from customers, because they just update them on the app and the PDF downloads.

    Two reasons that benefit them and not their customers. Same old story.

    I am never shelling out money for unit card decks for a game again. In many cases I end up redesigning the damn things because they’re so badly designed anyway!


    Waiting for most of my 2016 KS stuff…got 7th Sea 2nd Ed. and Dropfleet Commander….both are great.

    Do back mostly for tabletop skirmishers like Wolsung/Carnevale ect. and RPG´s and I am avoiding the large board games.

    Had the “lots of stuff but not much game-play-quality” feel already in 2015. Played a friends Brimstone and Zombicide and they where ok…but not that we would play them that much. Also often too time consuming in preperation. Said in another topic that the “huge piles of minis” deals tend to turn me off…just because I do not have the time to play with all of them much….and space is a Problem too…so I do not back often at all. But I bought mantics Walking dead in retail and it was fun right out of the box without preperation…great stuff!

    Was waiting for WM/H 3rd to finally hop on board…but was disapointed that they did not get rid of the multiple minis with same pose in a box thing. Somehow I am not willing to pay big bugs for dublets…and have no time to convert to avoid that…so I hasitated to buy in…also was not sure of the Plastics quality…and after what I hear about 3rd I am not unhappy with that desicion.

    Sticking to my skirmisher for a while longer then 🙂

    And finaly….my BIG Goal for 2017…besides spending less on my hobbys and use the stuff I already have more….is GETTING STARTED WITH PAINTING. After 30+ years of silver and grey pleasure…and a lot of AT 43 and Confrontation prepainted…I really need to get that going…better late then never ;-P

    Universal Head

    I just cancelled my $1 (!) pledge for The Other Side from Wyrd. Their attitude at the start of ‘this is good value and if you don’t like it seeya’ really put me off, and while I can see them waking up to that error by trying to put in more freebies (now that the campaign has kind of stalled), I’ve lost interest in committing to yet another tabletop game.

    I already have decent sized Menoth and Cryx armies (and some mercenaries) so I have no plans to increase their size. Though I did want the latest rules info so I can get it on the table again now it’s out of storage.

    Never too late to start painting Soulsorceror! You’ll be amazed how easy it is to get good results.

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