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    There are three games that I’m watching at the moment on KS that are reprinting: Fireteam Zero, Endure The Stars 1.5 and Gloom of Kilforth.

    Fireteam Zero is a straight reprint with some extra decks and the option to buy the whole game or just add things that you missed out on in the first KS. They haven’t updated the KS since it was funded on day one… which make you feel that they don’t care about the project.

    Endure the Stars revises the rules, but adds no new gameplay. Upgrade from 1.0 to 1.5 is expensive for original backers, especially for those that went all as (£48 to upgrade when the full game is only £72) and there have been complaints (myself included) that the upgrade is too expensive and includes too many unnecessary things (the box being one of those). The campaign includes stretch goal, but has stalled at 149% funded.

    Gloom of Kilforth is a full reprint (I missed this first time around) with addons and stretch goals that add gameplay or upgrade components (tarot sized location cards, extra dice etc). The creator is frequently in the comment section and updates every couple of days. I met the guy at UK Games Expo and he’s enthusiastic about his game which is conveyed in his updates.

    Currently I’m not backing any at the moment.

    I was backing Gloom of Kilforth, but dropped out because I’ve been over spending on KS lately and not sure I need another card game, although the art work is amazing. Easily on a par with Lord of the Rings LCG (one of the reasons why I dropped out… I still have so much content to play in that with the Saga editions).

    Seems to me that the creators of Endure the Star and Fireteam Zero second printings need to give their backers more respect and show more enthusiasm… not treat their games as simple cash grabs.

    Damn… I keep looking at the art on Gloom of Kilforth… soooo pretty…. will power… fading… must have the precioussssss….


    Backed Gloom of Kilforth in the last houres just for the art alone…so this my be biased…but…BUY IT!!! 😉

    CK Lai

    Backing FTZ for some add ons and expansions but the game creators are pretty bad at communication. You just have to trust they get your pledge orders right the first time round or else…

    I think I’m giving up EtS. Overpriced for what it does.

    Going in on Gloom of Kilforth. Come join Soulsorceror and myself 😂😁


    You guys are evil… tempting me.

    The art is gorgeous though and I’ve seen the cards up close at least years UK Games Expo where I should have bought it.

    Pimp my game is really tempting though… tarot sized location cards.

    Not sure I can justify the £8 for the ‘smutty cards’ though 🙂

    And pity that the stretch goals only apply to the add-on expansion…


    Decided to back Endure 1.5 in the end… but at the very end (90 seconds to go) I backed out. It would have pushed my spend on that to £200 with the original pledge and I couldn’t justify it.

    So backed Fireteam Zero at $50 instead. Plan was to add an expansion and a deck of cards to get the stretch goals.

    And I just cancelled my pledge to that… I’m going through an indecisive spell I think…

    Maybe if they hit retail I’ll buy, but for now I can’t justify the expense.

    With hindsight… I think signing up for kickstarter was a terrible idea. I’ve bought a lot of stuff that I’m not entirely happen with.

    Stretch goals lure us in…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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