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    Every time I head over to kickstarter there seems to be another miniatures game lurking.

    I can’t possibly buy everything that I like the look of and sometimes the miniatures are more impressive than the game.

    Universal Head

    There are indeed a lot out there, but I don’t find them very tempting because there’s an extremely limited amount of time I can devote to miniatures games – they take up so much time to paint, prepare and play. So at the moment I’m completely engaged by Wrath of Kings, Dust Battlefield, Hell Dorado and occasionally Confrontation.

    Funny how one of those games is defunct, two are probably on their way out, and only one is currently being expanded!

    Oh, and in storage I have heaps for AT-43 and Warmachine. So unless someone comes up with something really different both in theme and gameplay, I think I’m covered.


    Kickstarter seems to be the main tool for getting these types of games made. Given that often more emphasis is placed on the figures than on the game design, I am not surprised that a large number of these games barely hit retail before going out of print. A large percentage of them are just figures in a game box with badly designed rules. You have the occasional one that is disappointingly the reverse, with an awesome game bogged down by an obsession with figures (see Cthulhu Wars). Very few seem to balance out very well.

    Universal Head

    I have a few CMON ones I’ve backed and it will be interesting to see if the gameplay lives up to the figures. I don’t think I’ll be backing anymore until they start delivering some of them and I can judge for myself.

    CK Lai

    I backed Last Saga (an Infinity clone) but the project seems to have run into a few obstacles.

    Also Nemesis (from the guys that also do Kensei). This one seems to be coming out soon but since getting any official word from those guys is like pulling hen’s teeth (besides a once a month “look how awesome the minis are” post from them) I’ve no idea when I’ll get them.

    Dungeon Saga seems to be on track. I think I went overboard on this one. I’ve got TOO many dungeon crawlers now. What with Myth and Descent 2nd Ed… something’s got to go. 🙁

    And of course, there’s Conan. I’ll be happy to see it sometime next year. They’re promising October 2015. Don’t think that’ll happen.

    And MERCS Recon that can also be used for the tabletop skirmish game…

    …I need to stop checking Kickstarter so regularly 😛


    Yep. Only way to avoid temptation is stay away from kickstarter.

    We all llke a good miniature and I often find myself avoiding ones with just cardboard myself (Posthuman is only kickstarter game I backed with wooden tokens instead of miniatures), but unless the game is awesome (or can easily adapt them to another (war)game or purpose(RPG) then you’re going to end up with wasted shelf space and money.

    Shame more people can’t be inspired by the gameplay instead of the shiny plastic.

    Volstagg Vanyr

    Shiny Plastic isn’t all bad:
    My family and gaming group has had a Blast (hah!) with Zombicide,
    and I’ve just pulled the shiny Wrapper off my KS copy of Super Dungeon Explore: Forgotten King.
    My kids were very into “Gauntlet” as a console game, sio I believe SDE will get a lot of table-time.

    (If there was ever a Game that needed the Universal Head Touch,
    I’d say it’s SDE BTW. Hint, Hint!!!
    I mean: if you can make Sedition Wars playable,
    surely SDE shouldn’t be much of a problem to rationalize and codify… {stronger Hint!!})

    Amusing sidenote: Confrontation and Hell Dorado are two of the three Mini games I kept investing in
    after the ‘fall’ (the other being Space Marine/Titan Legions via ‘NetEpic).
    I wanna like Malifaux, but I can’t seem to get as excited over the metal as I was by Hell Dorado…
    …and Rakham’s sculpts…? Plooosh! That was a Revelation from the Old World, I tell you what!)


    For those of you waiting for it, The Others goes live on Kickstarter today. 8pm UK I think, if I converted 3pm est correctly.

    Universal Head

    I’m backing this one.


    I really want to like this one BECAUSE the miniatures are so good and the theme is a cool one, but I’m having a hard time getting exciting about the gameplay. CMON isn’t helping the matter with their playthrough video either. They really need to take some production classes or hell, why not ask the Jogando Offline crew to do it for them like they did for Blood Rage? They’re so much better at that format.

    I clicked “remind me” but I’m not optimistic it’ll make me click buy.

    Universal Head

    You’re right, they should funnel a few bucks of their profits into professional playthrough videos. A strange thing to skimp on since it’s such an important selling tool.

    I do like the theme though. And Eric Lang’s stuff.


    Tried an early bird. Logged in during first minute. Didn’t get it. Bloody yanks with their nearer servers.

    Watching at moment. If they put too many ‘Sins’ as addons I will probably pass. $100 should provide all sins. Only adding 35 miniatures to box and a few cards.

    No doubt they will go with PC overload and collector boxes.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 245 total)
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