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    I was looking forward to this KS – AsYLUM: the Alderney Case.

    But it appears to be simply a set of three figure (+ KS SG), a few cards & story pdf … real game.
    The other problem is the 54MM scale which matches SMOG or Mauser Earth but not much else.

    I really like Edouard Guiton’s work but there isn’t a lot to hang onto with this so far. The Nurse is great in Confrontation Dirz sort of way, Amy is alright but Eugene is uninspired. The Stretch goals look ok but seems hard to reach within 14 days. Colour me disappointed for 90euros+shipping.


    Asylum has less 2 days left but only 50% funded so far.
    Some of the new figures look good but I find the 54mm scale a problem.

    On a brighter note Zombiecide: BlackPlague is supposed to be shipping the Core gamebox soon with the expansions & extras coming later.

    My Kickstarter outstanding list is:
    Zombiecide: BlackPlague – core game
    Escape (Eden) – missing robots
    KingdomDeath Monster – expansions
    Zombiecide: BlackPlague – expansions
    The Others: 7 Sins

    AvatarUniversal Head

    I just got Ancient Terrible Things and it looks great!

    My outstanding list is:

    Fireteam Zero (coming soon)
    Age of Conan (core set soon, expansion later – disappointingly late from Ares)
    The Others
    Shadows of Brimstone extras (cock-up of a campaign but I suppose I’ll get everything eventually)


    2 Conan games !

    Rec’d Aust PO shipping advice for BlackPlague.

    One of my US Penpals has been playing Shadows of Brimstone & Mansions of Madness. He also backed Scythe too.

    AvatarUniversal Head

    Very different Conan games though!

    AvatarCK Lai

    @ Razide: You backed Escape: fighting for Freedom as well? What do you think of the game? I think it’s a great gateway/entry level game for dudes on a map style games.

    My outstanding list (chronological order):

    – Demigods Rising (will be at least 2 years delay!)
    – Age of Conan expansion (over 1 year delay)
    – Conan (several months)
    – Myth Journeyman
    – Deadzone: Infestation
    – Project: Elite (several months delay?)
    – Pedion Terrain System
    – Zombicide: BP
    – The Others
    – The Networks
    – Alkemy
    – Side Quest
    – Sword & Sorcery
    – Banner Saga (Myth minis)

    Ouch. That’s rather a lot. I fell off the wagon 🙁


    Ok…. I know I slagged this off when it launched… saying that the miniatures looked like a bunch of fat kids… but Arcadia Quest Inferno is in the final hours and it looks fun.

    It will cost as much to buy on KS as Arcadia Quest itself costs at retail, but will come with a lot of extra stuff (plus about £20 postage I suspect).

    Anyone played the original Arcadia Quest who has opinions on the original or sequel?

    Need advice before I pledge on another game (or buy the original).

    Advice suggesting that I put my wallet back in my pocket is also welcome 🙂

    AvatarCK Lai

    @8th: Pledge for $1. That allows you access to the PM so you can back the full game + all Stretch Goals later if you want. I always do this for CMON’s Kickstarters now, since I want to see how much shipping costs before jumping in.


    Not about the money. It’s about the game I seek opinion.

    Endure the Stars is very tempting now with 100 miniatures and UK postage will be low.

    Not going to buy both and may buy neither.

    AvatarCK Lai

    @8th: sorry can’t help you there. It’s a competitive dungeon crawl if that interests you. If no one else chimes in, I guess watching the game play videos can help you decide.

    But speaking of Endure the Stars. Wow. Fanatical zealots as the final SG! Does that not make you want to pledge?? 😀


    @CLKai – Escape: fighting for Freedom – I really need to play it more after painting the minis.
    In the meantime the 3 puppets are doing stand-in work randomly walking around as civvies in Infinity.

    Endure the Stars looks to have a lot of potential – but waiting another year.


    Zombiecide: BlackPlague Coregame arrived yesterday morning. It is quite an impressive box of goodies. The figures look good and the plastic is stiffer than I expected based on the Zombiecide Wrath of Kings figure I have. The map tiles and punch out counter/tokens are all of nice thick cardboard which I’m sure the UH would approve of. And the rule book was English not French as some have found.

    Makes a change to have the game before the US backers for once.

Viewing 12 posts - 157 through 168 (of 245 total)
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