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    After the initial shock of the delivery of a gigantic 9+kg box, I have assembled all the basic game monsters, the four starting survivors, a few extra survivors and all my small rewards figures. All have been undercoated and awaiting painting.

    Most of the monsters have associated ‘armour kits’ for 4 figures so you can build some figures to reflect cloths & weapons made from their resources collected from successful hunts.

    The game is like a grim boardgame/miniature version of the PSP video game Monster Hunter Freedom X (and its other variants). Pity there aren’t any cat helpers though. Basically you try to develop a small settlement, go on monster hunts and face sundry perils.

    Things started off well with a population of 15. Then whilst hunting a White Lion, Eva suffered several abdominal wounds and developed “Marrow Hunger” which no-one noticed. When the hunting party returned successfully from killing a Screaming Antelope, Eva murdered the most experienced hunter – Bob the Axe! She was caught eating bits of him & banished from the community. Also Pam had been exiled for not being a team player. Ominously these two have added two dire sounding events to the settlement’s future time-line.

    CK Lai

    Wow. Sounds… interesting.

    So NOT your run-of-the-mill “dungeon crawl”?

    Oh, and… photos, please 🙂 Heard the KD:M minis were great but only seen renders and WIPs.

    Universal Head



    There are rumours of the Nightmare Ram expansion – intended to be a dungeon crawl. The model already exists.

    The game is pitiless and brutal towards your survivors. I was a bit disheartened by Bob’s death. The event card simply said your most experienced hunter is murdered ! I’ve read some players are spending the Survival points to avoid “instant” dead situations to some of their characters. I have a feeling I will be doing that occasionally as this game progresses.

    Survival points can be gained by settlement events, wearing particular items on a hunt or abilities, they can be used mainly in the hunt/showdown to avoid a wound or perform extra actions.

    Your characters can also gain insanity which as as protection from brain injury (!). Sort of good but the outcome of some encounters and events can be determined by characters insanity levels.
    3+ insanity means you are insane in KD and most of the characters reach that quite quickly & easily.

    One of my survivors has a Catgut Bow so I decided to build two figures from the Lion Armour kit (you can build 5 figures from this sprue set) one being armed with a bow for ease of recognition during the monster hunt showdown.
    The plastic figures are close to the plastic Malifaux ones in fiddly construction and assembly. The first survivors are fairly bland in comparison to the armour kits with fur, hide and armour. The heads are quite detailed and the females in particular have a range of hairstyles…….there really should be a Hairdresser location for the settlement.

    CK Lai

    “there really should be a Hairdresser location for the settlement.”

    That would be a first in any miniature-based board game 😀


    Assembled the 2nd Phoenix and Watcher on the weekend along with a 3rd lion armour kit.
    These big birds are going to take a heap of painting to complete.


    Assembled & painted some more survivors but the Phoenix are both in primed or undercoated states.
    One could be in action soon as events have now entitled the group to hunt a big chicken.

    Fun in the settlement. So far it is a more dangerous place than hunting the monsters. A group of armoured strangers impaled Stan on a halberd in the settlement for apparently no other reason than they could. Sitting around eating BBQ Antelope after a successful hunt, Tiffany & Bruce has a fight over was the better hunter which ended up with Tiffany joining the growing list of those expired. Luckily John one of the founding survivors was able to play Matchmaker and encouraged a couple to have a child without the aid of the LoveJuice gathered during the hunt.

    The population is still hovering around 11. Still disquiet there is no Hairdresser location. It is so tempting to make one up.

    KD posted up some of the one-shot scenarios for some of the KickStarter special figures. These should be fun to do and often provide a way of adding an more to the population if they are successful in their fights with monsters as they can then join the settlement.

    CK Lai

    Photos, Razide… photos… 😀


    Yeah. Pics or it didn’t happen. 🙂


    What pics of Stan & Tiffany’s stat sheets with the word “DEAD” written across them !
    Or crossed out on the Settlement sheet with “killed by….”

    Remember there is no Hairdresser but I will try and coax some survivors out for mugshots in the near future.

    CK Lai

    @Razide: photos of the minis, of course!

    Gosh, you do like to keep us on tenterhooks 😛


    KD:M has been packed away in its box since December due to a family function.

    Resurrection time.
    The Expansions except LanternFestival shipping soon.

    There is an overwhelming amount of stuff scrolling down through all the expansions.

    Hope it arrives before I go away on holiday.

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 24 total)
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