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    Of course the gigantic box of expansions arrived two days after I for an interstate holiday.
    Luckily I had given my neighbour keys to dump it inside out of the 39C heat.

    I’ve spent the last few days back assembling all the monster figures. Some of which are gigantic.
    The ‘daddy-long-legs’ is 30x30x15cm – this was the only problem figure; it came with a two duplicated legs but a quick reshaping of the attachment lugs overcame that as I could not be bothered waiting on replacements or swapping with some one else.

    Unfortunately the tons of extra cards and terrain tiles don’t fit neatly into the original box.
    Maybe a bit of finessing and re-organising will help.

    Each of the expansions both major and minor come with their own rules and gameplay booklet.

    AvatarUniversal Head

    Would love to see some pics!



    I cannot get the game on my own so I must enjoy it vicariously through others.


    Sorry still no photos yet.
    I did base and prime a few of them over the weekend.
    Need to make/mold some more green stuff stone faces for the remaining one’s bases and then painting them should finally use up most of the RED primer (honestly it seemed a good idea at the time).


    Still doing some basing and priming. So much to paint and I haven’t even touched the armour kits yet.


    Sigh, once I’m out go school I am totally getting this game. It sucks it has such an insanely high price but it looks like it may be worth it with the supreme quality of all the contents.

    Jack RomeoJack Romeo

    KD:M is currently the Kickstarter I’m kicking myself for not backing. It came at the same time as some other large Kickstarters, and seemed at the time to be more a collection of minis then a decent game. Seems it’s both, and the Kickstarter was a great deal with components cheaper then production cost.

    Might have to pick it up at some point, maybe as a reward for finishing some of my ongoing painting projects.

    Jack RomeoJack Romeo

    Update, new Kickstarter coming in November. Will be interesting to see how it compares to the first one. Time to set aside some €€€.

    Kingdom Death Kickstarter announcement


    Wasn’t it very expensive with a lot of cheesecake art that made CMON heroines look overdressed?

    Just another dungeon crawler as I understand it.


    A second game!? Oh please lemme at it!


    Think its only to back the oop first game…and maybe some extras along as Goals….but we will see.


    Still waiting on delivery some final bits of the original Kickstarter – what a saga.
    Now I’ll be able to enjoy it in my retirement/redundancy.

    “Final KD:M Kickstarter Update still planned for Sept, but might slip to October.

    – Lantern Festival – Still planning announcements this month, might slide to October, really hoping it won’t.
    – Aya Painting Guide – Complete
    – Kara Black Skin Painting Guide – Complete
    – Digital Art book – Joe, Anna and I have been working on it!
    – Holiday White Speaker Nico Settlement Card – Going to add this to the printed card pack (along with the cards from the recently released plastic models, that many backers already have). These will be available for cost + labor + shipping.

    My intention is to have one final update for all the outstanding rewards listed above. While it was scheduled for September, a few things might push it back. Regardless, I want to ensure that Kickstarter 1 is %99.999999 wrapped before we launch Kickstarter 2.”

Viewing 12 posts - 13 through 24 (of 24 total)
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