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    I picked up the expansion for Kingsburg, To Forge a Realm and after getting it home I realized I would not be able to fit all the contents of the expansion in the original box with the insert that was provided. After looking at all the pieces and starting to layout a custom insert for the original box I noticed that the original box had much more depth than what was needed and instead decided to make a custom insert for the expansion box that would hold everything at half the depth of the original.

    Here are the images of the end result,

    One drawback is that the cards just fit in the layout so sleeved cards will not work as they will be to thick. Also there is no foam core bottom so the cards may slide under the foam core. This could be fixed by glueing the insert into the box or glueing a very thin piece of card stock under the card area of the foam core to keep them from shifting from their holding area.

    If I redo this in black foam core I would remove the white dice holder and instead make an channel in the center channel under the “building row overlays” to place the white dice in and place the kings envoy and purple wooden pieces in the space next to the “+2 tokens”. Then That would allow the 5 player trays to have a little more room for the player pieces by making the trays a little wider.

    Universal Head

    Thanks for sharing this! Very nice indeed.


    I really like your design! Well done. What about that small space there on the left?


    I wanted the +2 tokens box to be the size of the area on the board which is smaller than the resource area. Could use this as an area to hold the king’s envoy token and 2 purple wooden discs. Also could just add some foam core there to fill the empty space but the +2 token box sliding back and forth does not harm anything and allows room for your finger to get in there and pick up the individual boxes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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