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    Hello EOG fanatics and other gaming nutcases,
    I don’t really know how but I’d never noticed the forums here before. Perhaps I was too busy reading the great painting posts or the awesome terrain tutorials…
    Anyway, this is just a brief introduction so let’s get to it.

    In the gaming world I’m (un)known as Zolantar. I am a member of the renowned (*coughs) CGW: Clube Gaucho de Wargames, a small but honorable group of wargaming aficionados who gather on weekends in the Southern-most state of Brazil (Rio Grand do Sul) to play both boardgames and wargames (mostly Warhammer 40K and – the now apple of my eyes – Wrath of Kings).

    I’m new to the hobby of painting minis but I’m no stranger to gaming as I’ve played video and boardgames ever since I was a child. I love strategizing and understanding new systems, which makes me the unofficial rules-reader and referee of most games we play down here.

    I look forward to meeting you all and having inspiring conversations.


    Universal Head

    Hi Zolantar! Great to have you here in the forums section.

    Can I ask you a favour? Start a new thread on WoK tactics and copy and paste your comments from YouTube. There were some great thoughts there worth further discussion.

    Bem vinda!


    Consider it done!
    (‘Cause it is, really)

    Universal Head

    Nice one.


    Welcome on board!!!


    Hey Zolantar, I’m a fellow Brazilian gamer too, from the Bomb of Slaanesh Club in São Paulo, but now living in São Luis do Maranhão. Tupinamba, if you remember the unfortunately now dead warhammer brasil forum.

    And a fellow Nasier commander too! Should you ever come to the land where babaçu abunda, give me a shout. Besides WoK, I also have armies to play and lend for INfinity, Dropfleet Commander, Star Trek Attack Wing and The Ninth Age, as well as some board games. Also, there is quite a big board game community in the city and some other miniatures wargamers too.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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