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    Lords of Hellas just hit KS.

    It’s by the same people that did This War of Mine.

    It looks interesting and the ‘monuments’ that are built up throughout the game are impressive… assuming they are made well enough to fit together properly without being a pain to assemble…

    But I’m not keen on the SF/Greek setting. I would have preferred a more traditional Ancient Greek setting than the hi-tech look.

    And although it looks good… I’m not sure about the replay variation.

    If you want the free ‘Leonidas’ hero you need to pledge in the first 24 hours, but you can always drop funding before the end of the 21 day kickstarter.

    There’s an option for split shipping (costs more obviously) which gets you the Core game before the end of the year and Stretch Goals/Add Ons in April next year.

    Universal Head

    Certainly looks impressive, and after the positive reports coming through about This War of Mine, tempting … my only concern is that it seems an area control game with some other bits bolted on.

    It’s pretty pricey though. I think I’m going to continue to hold on to my resolve to stop spending so much on Kickstarters and not back it. If I had the cash lying around maybe, but times are a little tight at the moment!


    Not had a chance to try This War, but it looks good. Just disappointed that the KS extras don’t fit in the insert.

    Hellas does look good too, but I’m worried that I may be being lured by plastic, the movement in particular, which would be awesome RPG props for the tabletop.

    And every time I try to save money I think… “Trump, Putin, Kim Yong Dumb, terror attacks in England… will the planet survive until I retire?”


    Lords of Hellas in final 48 hours.

    Some interesting stretch goals added. Fifth player option with Atlantis.The Kronos one seems intriguing, an optional one vs many.

    To be honest, if they were less ‘techy’ sculpts I’d probably be backing it already, but even the cool monuments are not quite enough to lure me in.

    I’ll keep watching though…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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