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    I have the core game and all the big box expansions of Mansions of Madness, but seldom get to play it as it takes a long time to play… plus many of of my friends are not that into the Cthulhu Mythos.

    So the App driven second edition with full co-op and solo really interests me… and the really awesome part about it… it’s being released at Gen Con Indy… so unlike everything else I seem to get excited about (Kickstarters etc)… I don’t have to wait a year.

    And there’s backward compatibility (unlike Runebound 3), so you can use the monsters, investigator and tiles that you have to expand the experience.

    Cthulhu as a solo game is how it really should be… hard to generate the creepy mood with friends, beer and mood breaking chat.

    Check in daily for more details on FFG website… I certainly will be.

    CK Lai

    Sounds good. Hope FFG will make apps for all its 1 vs many games. SW:IA I’m looking at you 😀


    I’m waiting for IA app myself. Seems inevitable to me as its Descent with blasters and lightsabers.

    CK Lai

    Let’s hope so. Since IA is a licensed product, I really really hope using an app as an overlord doesn’t place IA into the “computer game” category where FFG probably doesn’t have a license to publish 😛


    Interesting. Hadn’t thought of that.

    Cubicle 7 had to stop selling PDF’s of their One Ring RPG line for a few months because they didn’t have the rights for electronic media. Was settled in the end and can get PDF now.

    They need to get an official ruling out there that PDF is not electronic gaming.

    Likewise to differentiate between computer game and App assisted boardgame/rpg.

    Thinking about it though, there is a Star Wars RPG/Imperial Assault/Armada dice rolling app and that’s a similar sort of tool.

    Anyway, Mansions of Madness available for pre-order at one of the UK online stores. It’s a bit pricy at approx £75, more than original game, but I want… must buy… so pre-order is in place.

    Expect an update when I get my hands on it… hopefully end of next week.

    In the meantime, I’m going to touch up the Mansions monsters as I’m a (slightly) better mini-painter now and start work on the 16 investigators.


    Thanks for the update.
    Gulp, looks like another must buy.

    Interesting to note the 2nd ed cannot be played without the app.
    Seems like it is also an advantage to have the 1st ed and expansions…..FFG’s smart plan to make sure the old stock doesn’t gather dust on the shelves. I wonder if there will be new versions of those in the future or some type of bundle deals.

    Universal Head

    Yep, must buy for me, though it’s annoying to see so many games sailing into the NZD$100-$200 category. As much as I love Mansions of Madness, it’s fiddliness stops it getting to the table more often, so hopefully this will put an end to that.


    The Mansions of Madness App is on steam and google (presumably itunes too) and the rules up on FFG website along with a couple more previews.

    App looks ok, but won’t know for sure until I get the game.

    Four adventures. First is short as a rules teaser and lasts 60-90 minutes. Others get longer and tougher. Save game feature which is an essential on 3-4 hours investigation.

    One guy was moaning that it he couldn’t unselect MoM 2nd edition and just use it with MoM 1st. Obviously not aware of the nature of the App.

    I like new health and sanity rules. In 1e when you died/went crazy you added a new investigator to keep playing.

    New version better.

    You get wounded when run out of health, wipe out ‘face down’ (ongoing remains) damage and carry on playing until killed when run out of health.

    Gain an insanity when run of sanity which changes your win condition, so you may end up working against other players covertly. Go nuts when run our a second time.

    When a player dies/goes nuts, the other investigators have one turn to solve the mystery or lose the game.

    More thematic than ‘another investigator stumbles by and helps you’ and the ‘one more turn’ means you don’t have a player sitting on the sidelines.


    Mansions of Madness has arrived. Big box, Star Wars Rebellion sized and a lot of air inside, but that air will soon be filled with my 1st edition miniatures and tiles.

    A lot less cards to deal with, but the app does a lot of that work ion this version.

    I like the new investigator cards, all the information in one place instead of adding other mini cards to compete ‘character generation’. I know this removes some of the customisability, but in my experience that only slowed down the prep time.

    As it’s a very ‘Innsmouth’ setting, the monsters are coastal… Deep Ones(4), Hybrids(4), Ghost(2), Child of Dagon(1), Priest of Dagon(1) and the repeated Cultists(6).

    Medium bases are Riots(2 bases with three figures per base) and Hunting Horrors(2)

    And the ‘big bads’ are Star Spawn(2).

    As you would expect with FFG, component quality is good. Not keen on the double sided ‘Common’ and ‘Unique’ items as the only way to tell one from the other is the coloured strip at the top of the card (which I missed until I was looking for how to differentiate them). The colour matches the relevant decks, but it could be better done.

    There are 5 d8 in the box. Face are three Elder Signs, three blank and two clues. You can spend a clue token to change a clue to an Elder Sign (success).

    Hoping to get a solo test in before the weekend and then play with friends on Sunday.

    Obviously I’d be hard pushed to paint everything by then, but the figures have jumped to the top to my ‘to paint’ list.

    As for Mansions 1st Edition… that’s going into storage, just in case I want to play the bad guy at some point.


    Ok. I’m going to avoid spoilers.

    Tried the first scenario which took me 2.5 hrs instead of 60-90 minutes, but it was my first game and I was learning as I played. And I lost…

    It was a fun. The plot unfolded nicely and didn’t feel too random. The challenge is not just monsters, but completing puzzles and objectives before the plot gets out of control… which it did in my case…

    It definitely doesn’t play like a dungeon crawler and I liked the challenge.

    First game was with the 2nd Edition only to keep things simple. Prior to game arrival I ran through a virtual session to check out the app. The map was different that time than when I played for real.

    I suspect they will release other adventures (probably in app purchases) in addition to physical expansions with other components (tiles, monsters & investigators).

    And there’s one thing I would like, but it might seem counter-upgrade… an app that allows a human keeper to create their own adventures…

    Universal Head

    Thanks for that, sounds great. I’ll be getting it, though it will be punishingly expensive here I expect.


    £75 in the uk with a discount from the online store. I think RRP is around £90.

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