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    I bought this second-hand recently from a friend I played it with. I love the sci fi goofiness with dice rolling, trading. I see it as a kind of Monopoly that I’m willing to play. Setup is a pain; once I do the foamcore inserts, it’ll get a lot more play.

    I’ve only played standard rules, shortened version (works fine) and normal (too long for beginners).

    Do you prefer Classic rules? Why?
    Any house rules you like particularly?
    Anyone got a case for the solo rules, which I found disappointing?

    Universal Head

    Not sure if I can contribute much to this, as I’ve never played the classic rules and only played the new rules once. I enjoyed it, but I did find it rather long.


    Regarding setup time… this might interest you.

    I ordered this and a couple of others during the kickstarter. I’m a sucker for boardgame bling.

    Universal Head

    It’s certainly very nice – but it’s certainly much pricier!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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