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    Funny thing happened today, if I may share.

    So, first some background. I designed this insert in January 2014, but at the time I was very green to the hobby and didn’t feel like coming up with a solution for the tokens. I threw everything in baggies and was happy with it. Version 1 of this insert can be seen buried deep in a BGG forum.

    I finally got back around to this insert this weekend, and did a Google search to see what others had done with their tokens. What do I find? Why, my very insert design has been “borrowed” by someone who added a token tray exactly where I intended to put mine. 🙂

    I feel quite proud to see someone else used my design, and thought I’d share the story here.

    This is likely an every day thing for you, huh Peter? It still feels pretty cool. 🙂

    Final Insert here:

    Universal Head

    This is great isn’t? Someone uses your insert design, improves on it, then you end up improving yours with their modifications.

    I’m certain that one day when I get the rest of my game collection out of storage I’ll be discovering many opportunities to refresh old insert designs with better ones. Like anything else, after doing so many, I get a little lazy with new designs and I’m really enjoying seeing some of the more inventive configurations that are appearing lately.


    Haha, very nice! And also a good insert.
    So far only some people on bgg asked to copy my designs, but i have yet to see pictures of any of them.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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