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    Privateer Press is coming out with Monsterpocalypse 2.0 later this year. The new MONPOC figures will be a little larger, are unpainted and have to be assembled. While some people will love this, I myself do not. I do not like to have to assemble models/miniatures and I do not paint (mainly because I stink at it). I love pre-painted mini’s that are literally playable right out of the box. I am sure this is why I gravitated towards games like AT-43, Confrontation and Heroscape.

    I never bought in to Monpoc 1.0. I am sure why, but it was probably because of the high “buy in” with boosters costing $13-$15 each.

    I am going to take the plunge now!! has has some Monsterpocalypse cases on sale. Depending on where people live in the world – the sale is ending today or tomorrow. They have entire Series 1 Monster and Unit cases and Series 2 Monster cases for $24 each plus shipping!! This is WAY, WAY cheaper than what the new stuff is going to cost (a case has (12) boosters in it). A new pack which consists of (1) large Monster and (5) units is $44.95 MSRP. That is just going to cost way too much $ to get into (and the minis are unpainted/unassembled).

    Monpoc 2.0 is going to consist of the same Monsters and Units from what I read. So even though the old figures will not be alowed in the new MonPoc tournaments – I can’t see why they would not function well in casual games with the new ruleset that PP is releasing. I for one am going to take a chance on the old figures. Worst case scenario is I can always play the original ruleset and I will have some really cool pre-painted Kaiju monsters for proxies for other games!!

    Universal Head

    I think, due to economic factors, pre-painted figures are pretty much going the way of the dodo. MonPoc is a very good game, and it’s the only time I ever got a little swept up in the blind buying model – only because I was regularly playing with some people at a games store at the time. I brought it out the other day and was annoyed to find, of course, that I only had enough figures for one faction, as I’d been playing it with others. Yet another annoying effect of the blind buying model.

    So personally I’m glad to see it back sans the stupid ‘collectibility’. But the original game is still great and it sounds like it will be perfect for you to grab the old sets at a good price.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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