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    The crafting bug hit me again, and I tried my hand at UniversalHeads excellent Descent 2ed foamcore insert.
    Descent 2ed Foamcore Insert

    But of course there are the expansion that have accumulated on the shelf (I’m sure they secretly procreate by themselves), which won’t fit the original box. So I set out to build another insert for the Shadow of Nerekhall box. This also holds the Lair of the Wyrm small expansion and 4 lieutenant decks, while the compatibility pack for the 1st edition (without the figures) fits in the base box.
    Shadow of Nerekhall 1
    Shadow of Nerekhall 2

    Now I am almost ready to play Descent again. 😉


    Nice insert! I like your tiny 2 dice-space haha Thanks for posting 🙂


    There is a special place for dice… in my heart. 😉

    Universal Head

    Lovely stuff. Nice to see that old insert design still getting some love!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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