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    I haven’t posted here in a while. Made a few mods in the past few months, some of them have been pretty ordinary, but functional (Among the Stars, Cosmic Encounter), others I have been really happy with (Dead of Winter).

    However, my nightmare of late was Elder Sign.

    I love Elder Sign, and the new Gates of Arkham Expansion is great. However having sleeved all my cards and still wanting to play the original version occasionally, I wanted to come up with a storage solution that would hold everything and not be too fiddly.

    So I came up with the following:

    I purchased an A4 deluxe document box, and used 5mm foam core to make the insert.

    Features of this box include:
    * Separate section for all the tarot sized card types.
    * Component trays for all the token types.
    * A pull out monster cup.
    * Dividers for all the small card types.

    This box has drastically reduced set up time for a game, and makes packing up afterwards very easy as well. I am really happy with it.

    Universal Head

    Yes, it’s been a tad quiet around here lately!

    Excellent work! Looks great. Reminded me of this insert:, though it’s only for the core set.


    Nice box! I love Elder Sign, though right now I just have the core and Unseen Forces expansion. The Gates of Arkham is next up and your box design looks like something I should think about. I alo need to think about an insert for Tanhauser as well because the little zip baggies aren’t cutting it.


    Tell me about it with Tannhäuser. I have virtually everything and keeping everything organised is a pain. So much card and plastic, plus all the map boards.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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