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    Yes!, I finally built my first foam core game insert, after having used all sorts of plastics boxes and plastics bags for my games, it was time to do something for my last acquisition, especially for Merchant Of Venus which have a very long set up.

    Many thanks to UniversalHead for the great plans for Merchant Of Venus (my latest acquisition, and the game that need it a lot). It was a little tricky, especially when I realized that I used cards sleeves, so I had to make some modifications. I also like to have all players stuff at the same place: pilot card, drilling, space port and spaceship … and I also keep some place to have 4 sets of 5 dices (4 dices with the player’s color and the purple dice).

    I have to say that what helped me a lot was good tools and especially the awesome tutorials videos from tEOoG 😉

    Here are some pictures:

    Goods and Technology
    Players stuff and Classic Games
    Cards and Credits

    Main board
    First step
    Second Step
    Final step ...
    ... and player's spaceship!

    Universal Head

    You certainly dived in at the deep end. 🙂 Well done for doing such a great job on such a tricky build!


    Congratulations…well done! Looks like a difficult one to start with…the first pic Looks especially fiddly. I have all things I need to make my first insert too…still have to decide what I do want to make first…hope I get it done nearly as good as yours.


    Here is my advices:
    – take your time (it took me almost one week during vacation to make MoV),
    – always verify if the features fit before the glue is dry,
    – see the tutorial, there a lot of great advices and techniques there.
    I think also that a good cutter and a great glue help a lot (I used Elmer’s X-treme, and I am very satisfied with it).
    Have fun !!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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