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    Universal Head

    Any experienced Kill Team players? I’m trying to put together a couple of teams for a battle report, but the system really is very, very fiddly and almost too flexible for creating teams. What I’d really like is just some sample teams, but instead it seems I have to put together command rosters of 20 models from which players then choose 100 pt teams for the mission.

    What confuses me is, all the sample kill teams GW show in the books only seem about 50 pts worth. Instead of these little teams of, say, 5 space marine models, they’re going to be twice that size.

    I’ve searched, but I can’t find anywhere where someone has just come up with sample teams to use when time is short. We don’t all have the time to obsessively pour over tables and tweak wargear fitouts and all that guff! 🙂


    Did you try the official List builder from GW?

    40k Combat Roster

    And I remember TM talking about cheap listbuilding:

    Universal Head

    That list builder is for 40K, not Kill Team – I believe they’re different. The video is good for suggestions for buying certain figures for kill teams, but doesn’t go into actual lists.

    Thanks though! I guess I just have to use whatever models I have and build the lists around them.


    I’m really glad you asked this question. I picked up Kill Team recently and was starting to think I was too thick to easily grasp what to put together. Looking forward to anyone who comes across something easy

    Universal Head

    It’s even tricky matching your models to Kill Team lists. I though the Deathwatch models in Deathwatch Overkill would be perfect, but it turns out a lot of their weaponry isn’t in the Deathwatch list (eg chainsword, plsma pistol, hand flamer etc).


    You are right UH….wrong game. So…next try would be battlescribe army list builder….it looks like it has data for Kill Team:

    or on DakkaDakka:

    Universal Head

    The second in-browser system would be good. Will keep an eye on it, thanks.


    I’ve played my fair share of Kill Team. Perhaps I can help.

    1. Don’t worry about the Command Roster. It’s only needed for Campaign play.
    2. Build a 100 point list. Most lists will be anywhere between 7 to 17 models.

    Choose models based on what you have, or what you’ll buy. Yes, the official “Kill Team” boxes they (we) sell do not have 100 points worth of models in them. They’re primarily a way to get your collection started with some core units, as well as giving you the team specific tactics cards / tokens, etc.

    Choose weapons based on what you have / like and add the point cost of the weapon to each of your models.

    Choose which of your models will be specialists. Your team must have a Leader, and may have UP TO three other specialists.

    Please ask any question you have. I’m certain I’ll be able to answer them. If I haven’t managed to address your question in this post, let me know that too. The feeling I get from your post seems to point to a disconnect between the Command Roster and the actual team you’ll play game-to-game. If you don’t play a campaign, you never need to even look at the Command Roster. You can find campaign rules in the back of the book.


    As requested, a sample team….My Death Guard team.

    1. (Leader) Plague Champion with Plasma Gun, Power Fist, and Plague Knife = 22 points
    2. (Combat) Plague Marine Fighter with Flail of Corruption = 19 points
    3. (Veteran) Plague Marine Gunner with Blight Launcher = 18 points
    4. (Heavy) Plague Marine Gunner with Blight Launcher = 18 points
    5. Plague Marine with Boltgun = 14 points
    6. Poxwalker = 3 points
    7. Poxwalker = 3 points
    8. Poxwalker = 3 points

    Total List Points = 100


    The reason for the Command Roster is to basically build a “bench” of troops you may want to use during a campaign.

    A common approach is to fill in the roster with various weapon builds of the same troop (eg. Plague Marines) because certain weapons will be better against different opponents. Your Roster can never have more than 20 troops on it, and as troops die throughout the campaign, you’ll replace them with new ones (on the roster).

    Also, because in a campaign, your troops will level up, as they do their points cost will increase. You keep track of this on the Command Roster. As the points cost for a troop increases, taking him on a mission means you’ll have to shave points somewhere else in that Kill Team, but the leveled up troop will usually be more powerful.

    Either way, when you set up to play a game, you’ll only ever pull a maximum of 100 points worth of troops from the Roster to play.

    Does that help?


    That certainly helps me WonderSlug – thanks for that. I was definitely having a disconnect with the Command Roster/Campaign issue – super helpful, thanks.

    FWIW, I’d love to see other EOG member’s Kill Team lists, just out of curiosity… or really, entertainment’s sake

    Universal Head

    Thanks WS. I played KT for the first time over the weekend, and while I liked the system, I found the balance between my Deathwatch team and my Tau team completely out of whack. The Deathwatch were way, way overpowered (the ammunition choices were insane, especially the one that ignores cover) and the Tau didn’t stand a chance and fell like ninepins. Here are the teams, if you’re interested:

    Deathwatch 99pts
    1. Watch Sergeant with storm shield, xenophase blade (Leader) 22
    2. Veteran with power sword, storm shield (Combat) 19
    3. Veteran gunner with infernus heavy bolter (Heavy) 18
    4. Veteran power sword, storm shield (Zealot) 19
    5. Black Shield with power maul, storm shield 21

    Tau 100 pts
    1. Pathfinder Shas’ui with pulse pistol, pulse carbine, markerlight, photon grenades (Leader) 7
    2. Pathfinder Gunner with rail rifle, photon grenades (Sniper) 10
    3. 2 Pathfinder Gunners with rail rifle, photon grenades 24
    4. Pathfinder with pulse carbine, markerlight, photon grenades (Comms) 6
    5, Pathfinder with pulse carbine, markerlight, photon grenades 6
    6. MB3 Recon Drone 7
    7. X25 Stealth Shas’vre with burst cannon, markerlight (Heavy) 20
    8. X25 Stealth Shas’ui with burst cannon 20

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