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    I really wanted to also get the (3) expansion packs (especially the Nordheim one done by Croc), but like Ozmo I also had to exhibit restraint!! I figure I can get them later when they are released through retail. I know it is speculative, but i figure i can sell my Barbarian pledge with the stretch goals and make enough extra to at least partially fund my King pledge. If I can’t sell it, then i’ll just have a ton more minis for the game to play with – and just sell the “unique” minis for whatever i can get for them.

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    Speculating on boardgames – always risky! Good luck! 🙂


    I’m not a fan of Conan the barbarian.

    Maybe it’s because…
    – I’ve only seen one of the films, and it was pretty late in the game.
    – Early on in elementary school we studied Greek Mythology and I was fascinated with Hercules. I thought he was the BEST! …and once you’ve tried the best… everything else is just the rest.
    – A scrawny talk show host by the same name flashes in my mind every time I hear the word “Conan.”
    -I was disappointed that Darth Vader wasn’t much of a challenge for him.

    But Heck, maybe I’ve been going about this the wrong way. After all, if a Kickstarter project for it looks this amazing, maybe I should revisit the franchise… on a positive note, I did enjoy “Conan the Barbarian: The Musical” by legolambs on Youtube.

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    Oh lordy GrandpaBob, you need some serious re-education! Conan was the original and best – go back and read the original stories and drive all these other terrible associations from your mind forthwith!


    oh and there’s one more association!
    -The Hit Anime Series from Japan, Detective Conan!

    But you are right, Robert E. Howard’s 1932 Conan came before all of those other Conan imposters… unless of course you count Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle who was born on 22 May 1859.

    I picked up one of Howard’s Conan Anthologies on my tablet and will try to block out O’Brien as best I can while reading it.


    I’m a King pledger as well, and will probably add on some additional stuff once we get out BackerKit invitation. I figured that even if the game should happen to suck, it’s still a treasure trove of roleplaying miniatures.

Viewing 6 posts - 13 through 18 (of 18 total)
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