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    I am new to the site and must say that I am quite impressed by the content. I have bounced back and forth between miniature gaming and board gaming for years. I still enjoy the painting and modeling aspect of miniatures, but find a board/card game is so much easier to get on the table and enjoy either in a short time span or get multiple games in during a session.

    My son, soon to be 14, has always enjoyed board games, Memoir 44 was probably the most played, but is quite fond of Marvel Legendary, Descent and recently convinced me that he wouldn’t get sucked into the Magic money pit, but the “all my friends play it” argument was persuasive. He also likes Mice and Mystics.

    My daughter, 11, loves all board games to the point we had to ban Candyland from the house because no one wanted to play it with her anymore. She now insists on Hey that’s my Fish, Get Bit,MyLittle Pony card game and Mice and Mystics.

    My wife doesn’t usually partake, her loss, but sometimes we can convince her to play some Mice and Mystics and we force her to play Get Bit! I have grown increasingly tired of spending our dinners out with everyone on a wireless device ignoring each other. Now we take Get Bit and play at the table while we are waiting for our meals. Yes, we get stares from others, but more for the laughter than the game playing. I think they are jealous, my thinks we are insane!

    I enjoy quite a diverse choice of games. I like Euros, historical themes, wargames etc. I am more into trying new games or genres and supporting my fellow gamer in something they want to try rather than only playing what I think I only like. It is as much about the social aspect and camaraderie as anything else. Descent, Marvel Legendary, Kemet, Command and Colors, Combat Commander, Eldritch themes, Here I Stand and countless others. I am only 2 hours from Origins or GenCon so I try to make 1 of them. My goal is to make it to the WBC someday. I look forward to exploring more of the site and keep up the good work!

    Universal Head

    Hi stormchaser, and a hearty welcome!

    Amazing that Magic is still so popular with kids. I missed the whole boat on that one as it was the time when I’d ‘put games aside’ for some years; probably a good thing as I never got hooked on it (and I never liked the whole blind buying idea). Though I do play some of the Living Card Games by Fantasy Flight Games such as Warhammer: Invasion and Android: Netrunner.

    Great to have you here and I’m glad you’re enjoying the site.


    Hola stormchaser!

    Origins, GenCon and WBC look amazing. I really want to go to a gaming convention one of these days. Unfortunately, I tend to have conflicts as my band is usually booked at those dates for music festivals.

    It’s wonderful that you can enjoy gaming with your kids. I like to believe that there’s a game for everyone, and I try to balance my collection to cater to my friends and family. I remember watching a “Table Top” episode of Get Bit last year and was thinking of grabbing it, but it somehow slipped my mind! Thanks for the reminder!

    Universal Head

    Being a drummer myself, ‘if you can’t game then play music’ (and vice versa) is a good mantra to live by. 🙂


    Hi Stormchaser, good to see another parent. I have also been introducing DD12 and DS8 to tabletop gaming. My daughter can handle the complex stuff fairly well, and my son loves Munchkin.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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