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    Sent them 6 emails over the last 10 days and they have not replied to any of them regarding my refund request.

    From the comments section it seems that everyone who has received the RRI has been short changed on KS extras.

    Already there are mutterings about promises to deliver ‘ALL’ KS extras and as they’re not delivering in the land of many lawyers, I think it’s only a matter of time before someone starts legal action. Now… if we all got together and did one massive legal case against them….

    Edit: They finally replied to my refund request and denied it, quoting terms and conditions saying no refund within 8 weeks of shipping. They quote 1st October as UK fulfillment shipping date.

    Not sure what I’ll do when it arrives. So f***ing annoyed with the c**ts that I may perform a ritual burning…

    I edited out the swearing for those of a delicate disposition.

    However… to quote the works of Douglas Adams… ‘Belgium’!

    AvatarUniversal Head

    Sorry to hear that’s been a disappointing experience. Maybe the game will be OK when you get to finally play it?


    Honestly. I don’t want it. No interest in playing it. Too annoyed with the company. I really hope they get sued and go bankrupt.

    The best thing to come out of this is that I referred to them as Soda Pox in the comments and it’s caught on.

    So many people are frustrated, some by missing stretch goals and the rest by delayed delivery,

    And they have not made an official statement for 11 days.

    There’s good old cowboy phrase that comes to mind… “yellow belly”.

    AvatarUniversal Head

    I can understand your anger, but missed deadlines, delayed deliveries, and stuffed up deliveries (especially stretch goals) are pretty standard stuff with Kickstarter campaigns, especially by smaller and less experienced companies. I’m sure you’ll get everything that you paid for eventually – it’ll just be very late. I imagine the company is running around in a complete panic at the moment, desperately putting out fires of its own making.

    Out of all the Kickstarter I’ve backed, only a couple have been a complete train wreck, and even the one that still hasn’t delivered stretch goals after years is still slowly slogging away trying to get them finished.


    I expect kickstarters to be late and I’d be shocked if it was on time.

    Damaged components happen in any game, not just kickstarters.

    Missing stretch goals are annoying, but not the end of the world if the game is still playable.

    The game being sent out out without the retail box that was promised (everything stuck in the stretch goal box it seems) is wrong.

    Every single game being sent out with the same missing components as either gross incompetence or downright dishonest.

    Lying to over 40% of your customers about their game being on the ship is totally unacceptable.

    Ignoring your backers complaints for two weeks while you sell product that should be going to them makes, them look like total c**ts that don’t give a f**k about backers.

    So… yes… I am angry.

    It doesn’t help that when I go to their website to contact customer services there’s a picture of their ‘new employee’ with such a smug expression that I just want to punch his f**king lights out!

    AvatarCK Lai

    Looks like I’m glad I washed my hands off SPM.

    A bit disappointing though. SPM isn’t a new company by any stretch of the imagination and should have all these procedures well laid down by now.


    To quote a night in Last Crusade… “You chose wisely”…

    I didn’t know they had a bad reputation going in, but seems some backers did and still pledged.

    I’ll never back/buy anything that Soda Pox, or Ninja dickvision produces again.


    A summary of their latest update is roughly (translated by me)…

    We shipped most of the america stuff and had really good time at Gencon while you complained about missing things, but we don’t care.

    About those missing things, if you’re missing anything, contact us and we will ship the missing bits… yes I know everyone is missing the same thing, but if we do it this way, some people won’t bother and we’ll save some money.

    Oh… hi there rest of the world… are you still here? Your stuff is shipping soon… honest… but don’t expect it to be complete… you’ll have to ask for missing bits too.

    I’m exhausted after typing all that and need a rest. It’s very friday night and we won’t be listening if you complain about anything for at least a week.

    Well… that’s what I interpreted it as.

    Not surprisingly, a lot of backers are bit cross and calling Soda Pox names…


    Well… I have to say that people just keep getting dumber…

    Backers of Rail Raiders that have received their shipments complain about missing stretch goals, moan about poorly written rules and report poor customer service….

    But they still are willing to back the company again…

    If Soda Pox were the last games company on earth I wouldn’t touch anything they did again.

    AvatarUniversal Head

    People seem to have very short memories when offered shiny new toys. Flying Frog ran another Brimstone Kickstarter a while back, and I was amazed to see it get another million or so after the endless complaints about how the first one was run. And we still haven’t seen our extras from the original campaign.


    I decided to contact Kickstarter about the Rail Raiders pledge and how poor Soda Pop customer services were.

    They told me they couldn’t do anything, but would pass on my concerns to Soda Pop.

    Soda Pop just refunded me.

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