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    Hi Everybody,

    Heard about the order from a dice tower podcast awhile back. I’ve been lurking around. Great resources and content! Watched the painting tutorials the other day and remembered to register for the forums.

    I’ve been gaming off and on since I was a kid. The past several years I’ve been playing pre-painted mini games (Monsterpocalypse, Star Wars Minis, Heroclix). The past year or so I’ve been getting back into board games, card games etc. Some of my current favorites are:
    – Firefly
    – Mage Wars
    – Summoner Wars
    – Legendary Encounters: Alien
    – Smash UP
    – Battle of the Five Armies

    Also very much looking forward to Star Wars: Imperial Assault

    Just wanted to say hi and I’m looking forward to participating!


    Good to have you counted Ozmo!

    Glad to see more praise for BoFA. My copy arrived the other day and UH already has a summary available. This is indeed a healthy environment!

    Universal Head

    Glad to hear it, I have it washed and scrubbed twice-weekly! 🙂

    Welcome ozmo, great to have you here. A nice selection of favourites there. I’m going to get BoFA to the table this weekend and I’ll be filming a session report. Also just got the new Firefly expansion, Blue Sun.

    Excellent to see new members joining us.


    Thanks for the welcome!

    I’m living Bo5A although I’ve barely scratched the surface. I saw a post on BGG where the poster painted his set. Great blog with details on his process and it inspired me to pick up painting. Then I found UH’s painting videos and here I am.

    I also picked up Blue Sun but haven’t had a chance to get it on the table. For us firefly is an event. That 2 hr play time is a dream somebody had. 😉



    I painted my first minis this weekend. I tackled the bats and great orcs from Bo5A. I’ll post some pics in the workshop thread.

    I think they turned out pretty decent for not having painted since I was a kid. I had fun that’s what really matters.

    Universal Head

    Excellent work, always good to hear and would love to see them.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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