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    CK Lai

    OK, so I’ve been a bit active on the BGG forums for this game. I know many gamers who own this say they’d LOVE to have plastic minis and a deluxe reprint of the game via Kickstarter.

    So I did some quick and dirty research and paper napkin calculations… doing something like this would need somewhere in the region of US$100,000!! Ouch.

    So I discussed this some more with a fellow Okko fan on BGG.

    1. Laurent Pouchain says he owns the copyrights to the game design and he’s “open” to a re-print.

    2. The editor (?) holding the artwork and all associated files has died and no one knows where the artwork and plates are now. (If I’m reading Laurent’s post correctly). So all artwork for a re-print would have to be done from scratch. But in the light of the overall project, it’s not really a problem (as I’ve extensive experience in graphic design and actually getting stuff printed when I was working in an ad agency).

    3. We’ve tried to contact Hub and Delcourt to ask for their views on re-licensing the game but have not heard a peep from them.

    Also, in light of the costs of making hard plastic minis, the manufacturer offered an alternative: resin minis. They make the resin minis for the D&D Collectors Series and I’ve held them. Very nice and reasonably durable, especially if we don’t go for thin, fine pieces.

    Cost to make resin minis is still way lower than what the metal ones currently cost.

    The biggest hold up is of course the license.

    So I’m thinking: find a sculptor to re-sculpt the minis (or at least the Demon Hunter faction), and go back to Hub/Delcourt again. Maybe with a physical product in hand, we can receive better consideration?

    The limited proposal now is: crowdfund the minis in resin, starting with 1 faction: the Demon Hunters. I did some rough costs and it might be workable to get 100 backers @ US$45 for a box of 5 minis for the Demon Hunters. All will be printed locally (to me) and manufactured at the factory that’s 12 minutes drive from my place.

    What do you guys think?

    Insanity? Or do-able (depending on the licensing)?


    It would be fantastic to see a new version of the game with new figures instead of standees.
    My wife liked playing the game a couple of times but said using the cardboard standees turned her off it.

    CK Lai

    So would you go for a box of resin Demon Hunter minis for $45 (+ shipping)?

    Universal Head

    Yes, it is insanity, but then by such insanity are great things achieved …

    Tell me, is the system robust enough to support all this effort? I bought the game, the expansions and a healthy number of the metal miniatures, but the few times I played I wasn’t particularly impressed by the game system. Or did I just not play enough?

    It’s a big, big endeavour CK. Also you have to pay a licence to not only the game designer, but to the artist/publisher who created the IP.

    If you want to crowdfund just the miniatures, I wonder if there’s enough of an audience of people playing the game to justify it. Or fans of the original comic who would be collectors.

    I always had the vague idea that if I needed more figures for the game (unlikely considering how much I played it), I could use those from the Bushido range.


    Sounds ok price wise but it would depend on how they look I suppose.

    I know it would complicate matters greatly but I think a more expensive 8-10 figure box to cover both sides would be more attractive to backers. Say 3-4 faction specific models & 2-4 more generic ronin/samurai/ninja figures who could join either side.
    Square bases to fit the map boards would be nice although round bases seem to be the preference these days.

    How many people are out there who have the game and would still be interested in the resin figures ?

    Would you include a set of cards & basic mini-rules or do some sort of print&play to increase your potential audience ?

    I originally bought metal Wyrd (pre-Malifaux) & some Anima Tactics figures as alternatives…never really worked out though.
    Some of the plastic Malifaux oriental models have potential to be used.

    CK Lai

    @ UH: Yeah… it’s all a big endeavour. Who knows if it’ll take off? Hub and Delcourt aren’t responding to our emails… that’s why I thought I’d maybe take a leap of faith and commission some mini sculpts to show them.

    As to is the game worth it… heh. Depends on the scenarios, I suppose. They had 4 expansions put out, and apparently the Karasu expansion really adds a whole new dimension to gameplay. I have it, but haven’t opened the box yet as I’m still playing the base game.

    @ Razide: Good suggestions. I’ve actually broken it down to 3 factions with 5 boxes: Demon Hunters, Demons (2 boxes with 3 figures each) and Mercs (2 boxes with 4 minis each). Demons because 3 of them are huge (compared to human minis) and the cost of them shoots up when doing in resin. The mercs… 8 resin minis in one box will bump the price up tremendously. Would people want to buy a box of 8 resin minis for $75-$80? (They will include the never-produced Archer and Nogosaki minis).

    Yeah… square bases or round? Game logic dictates square. Market forces say round.

    As to cards and quickstart rules… all depends on whether Laurent wants to get involved or not.

    It’s all a bit in the air at the moment, since those who hold the IPs aren’t responding. That’s why I made a joke with my partner: if they don’t respond, we’ll go a head and put up the KS anyway, and then they’ll HAVE to respond 😀

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