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    Jack Romeo

    I never got around to playing Pandemic. Tried it once many many years ago, and it’s always been a kind of game that I feel I should have played properly, but the theme and components didn’t motivate me to buy it.

    Enter this badboy:

    Having a soft spot for tentacles I’ll probably be picking it up, but the question remains. Are the core mechanics of Pandemic good? What say the Order?


    That looks interesting. Never played pandemic myself… but sucker for Cthulhu!

    Universal Head

    Pandemic is OK, but I find it a bit dry. Maybe this will liven it up a bit.

    CK Lai

    The Pandemic core game is pretty interesting. And if they ever “gloss” it up a bit with minis for the players and acrylic counters for the disease outbreaks, it would appeal to those who like that visual appeal while remaining an Euro worker placement game at heart.

    That said, we cracked the game first go by choosing the 3 most powerful characters, then the Alpha player (me) ruined it for the others by telling them what to do. 😛 there were a few anxious moments during the outbreaks… But overall we handily beat the game. So choosing characters randomly (which I think we were supposed to do not having read the rules) and no Alpha player Syndrome will help tremendously.


    Looks suitably atmospheric and interesting. 12 GOOs – should bring a bit of variety.
    You would not want that Cthulhu card to come out early or you’re in for a rather short game.


    I agree with Universal Head that Pandemic is okay. It has some really tight and interesting rules, but the game itself could be a number of themes including Lovecraftian. If fact, thinking about it, it makes more sense as a small group of people (that no one would believe if they told them the truth) hunting down various elder god cults bent on ending the world. I think that is basically what this version is doing.


    I’m looking forward to it. I’ve played Pandemic, thought it was fun. Not my go to game. Bought it for my wife since she’s a microbiologist. She’s interested but it’s still in shrinkwrap. She heard about this and said we should get rid of the other one and get this when it comes out.

    I love my wife.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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