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    During Covid-19 solo gaming takes on quite a new significance, doesn’t it? I’ve been looking at options for solo play with my tabletop stuff and came across Rangers of Shadow Deep by Jason A McCullough, the designer of Frostgrave. It’s miniature agnostic and comes with a couple example missions and a campaign in the rulebook.

    After grabbing the pdf and painting a few more minis to complete the roster for the first mission (it’s as good an excuse as any!), I played through the first scenario (a mission consists of multiple scenarios), exploring a zombie and rat infested village in search of a missing fellow ranger. You create a main character (your ranger) in an rpg-lite like version and add some companions from a range of classes (fewer companions the more actual players/rangers take part). The system was simple and smooth, with monsters controlled via a simple set of rules and a set of playing cards controlling scenario-specific events. The story was told through these events as well as other rules given in scenario.

    I was inspired to write up the whole experience as a battle report, so if you read German or want to let Google translate it for you, you can read up on my game here.

    I had great fun and whole-heartedly recommend the game if you have a bunch of tabletop terrain and generic fantasy miniatures laying around that you want to put to use in a game without an opponent.

    Finally a shot of my only loss in the game: Olmric the Conjurer was knocked out, when a collapsing building fell on his head.

    Universal Head

    Sounds really interesting Ralf. I wish I had more time for things like this but the EOG swallows up all my free time!


    Played scenario 2 last night, this time with 2 players. Also very good, through the scenario as perhaps a little to easy. Still a starting scenario, so perhaps to be expected.

    CK Lai

    I’ve only played the first mission because making up all the terrain from scratch is a non-starter. I already struggle to paint my minis. Having to make those cocoons? *sigh*


    The cocoons were the easiest part: take a piece of styrofoam, cut it roughly into an oval shape, then wrap a bit of string around. Paint grey, wash with black and brown, drybrush with grey and white. You wouldn’t even need the bases if you didn’t want them.

    But of course it’s agame for people with some terrain that they can just plug from their shelves and use. 😀

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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