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    I’ve recently preordered Battle of the Pelennor Fields Starter which is something of a bargain for what you get in the box…

    Sadly the ‘Armies of the Lord of the Rings’ book is a substantial £35 and a must have to expand the armies beyond the core box.

    Unit boxes are quite cheap, about £20 each for a unit of 24 models (less figures if mounted), but heroes are often expensive despite only one figure in the box…

    So… I’m going to recycle my old LOTR RPG figures that were made by Prince August/Mithril and Grenadier back in the olden days… back before the movies… which ICE made the RPG… so long ago that people used dial up and thought 56k was a fast connection…

    That gives me all of the Fellowship, Witchking (mounted and on foot), a Nazgul, Aragorn (mounted and on foot), Gandalf (mounted and on foot), Eowyn, Galadriel and a fair number of unnamed heroes (and villains) to field on the battlefield.

    Some of the paint jobs were a bit iffy and some were never finished. And I didn’t varnish, so they need touching up… rebasing to be compatible with the strategy game.

    Can’t use them in tournaments, but I only do friendly games (which sounds weird for a war-game), so it’s probably going to save me a few hundred quid.


    My FLGS had that box in today – and I broke down and bought it. I’ve just finished putting that Nazgul together – man that was fiddly. 😀 I’ve got some GW Lord of the Rings minis sitting around – Fellowship, Sauron, Balrog, some Moria orcs and some odds and ends. Perhaps I finally get to play with them.


    I just did the maths on the LotR miniatures I already have using the current GW pricing.

    Those old minis would cost about £350 to buy.

    Makes that ‘Armies of Lord of the Rings’ book and the extra bases I need to rebase them seem a bargain…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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