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    King Friday

    Hi Peter! Long time fan, mostly via BGG and lurking here, newly registered to the EOG site.

    Wondering if you would consider adding a small version number to each rules summary sheet you produce. I print them for many of my games but I can’t always recall which printed version I have just by looking at the sheet, which sometimes leads me to unnecessary reprints. Having even a tiny version number lurking in the margin would ensure I’m not wasting resources printing out a new copy of the same version. Just a thought.

    Love the site, love your contributions to the hobby. Thanks for what you do.


    Universal Head

    Hi Matt
    I’ve received this request before and started to do it, but for some reason it always got overlooked when I did updates and became, to be honest, a pain in the neck and yet another thing to remember. I try to make up for it for keep relatively detailed version logs on each of the pages! 🙂

    Thanks or emerging from the shadows and thanks for the kind words!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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