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    After my quickly made Descent expansion insert i really had an itch to create something more elaborate. And what better choice than making one for Runewars? That game which gets played so often because it’s such a quick fun little game.

    My absolute goal with this was to reduce setup time as much as possible and make everything as convenient as i can. After a long time of drawing up plans on paper and fiddling around with all the pieces this is what i came up with:

    The bottom layer. Thanks to UniversalHead for the idea of this one (i made it based on one of his with some changes) It holds all the setup stuff, which can be taken out and everything which is not needed can be put back into the box.
    Runewars bottom layer

    The faction trays. These are meant to be taken out and just put on the table. So no sorting what so ever has to be done, every faction is ready to go. I also think this is a good solution for painted minis.
    Runewars faction trays

    The top layer. This one contains all the neutral minis, tokens and cards. This one is supposed to just be taken out and put on the table, too. Of course the cards have to be taken out and shuffled. Notice that the fate cards have a little more space. That’s because i sleeved those because they get shuffled so often.
    Runewars top layerRunewars top layer with faction sheets

    I posted my hand drawn plans on bgg, so if anyone is interested, here they are (i tried to make them a little more appealing by thickening the walls):

    On the first one you find plans for the faction trays (actually three times the same and one slightly different for Daqan).
    On the second one you’ll find the plan for the card and token tray.
    I don’t have a plan for the bottom since i just used a photo by UniversalHead as reference. You’ll have to use the pic (it’s actually easier to place those hexagon walls freehand). The height is 2cm if i remember that right.

    Take the actual inlays as reference. All important sizes are displayed in mm. Heights mean the height of the walls (bottom not included of course). Keep in mind that the token tray has two different heights for the pieces because the faction sheets are on top of the left part.

    If you are not sleeving your fate cards, you can of course make it the same size as the other cards.

    So. This is it, this thing took me hours and hours. But i must say: it was definitely worth it. After playing some rounds with this insert, it really makes things easier and most of all a lot faster. Finally get to play some Runewars again.

    Universal Head

    Great stuff. I must post up my design sometime, but this one is far more detailed and impressive!


    You definitely have to!


    Hi, I sign up only to say thanks for the design of runewars

    runewars has a lot of card so I want make a storage/dispenser the result is this:

    This part is the same (thank you for the idea again)


    And in this a little modifications


    Glad you found it helpful 🙂 And great that you were able to have the cards in the tray and be able to draw them!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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