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    Lately, in my 26th year on this planet, I’ve been getting into more intricate/involved board games.

    In my last year of college, I had a group that played variations of RISK every night. That was awesome, but was really the extent of my board game preferences.

    As of the past couple years, I’ve branched out to “classics” like Settlers of Catan and new titles, like Eldritch Horror. As I’ve added to my collection and then added on to those items in my collection, I came to a conclusion: board game companies SUCK at making boxes!

    Once opened, base games rarely fit as well as I’d like. Add an expansion or two, and you’ve reached complete meltdown.

    I was really Googling to see some suggestions on how to mod the Firefly: The Game box to hold the base game and all of its expansions (in the smaller US box, no less), and stumbled upon this site. I’ve used Plano boxes for storage (acceptable with Eldritch Horror and not bad for Catan), or the Really Useful Boxes (only thing that makes my Firefly box manageable), but I’ve never really looked into foamboard. It sounds too… hands-on-y. And I’m more or less inept when it comes to building things (even IKEA gets the best of me, from time to time).

    Then I caught the three instructional videos, and watched them with my daughter (she’s 5 months old so didn’t have a choice… yet). That didn’t seem so bad. And the guy kept dropping line about an Esoteric Order of Gamers… To the Google! Well, actually, to putting baby to bed! Then Google!

    So I’m here now. Going to read through some previous articles and posts, and see what kind of box mods folks have done, grab some new game suggestions (that will go on to a growing list of ‘when I can afford a new game…”), and hopefully help some folks with my own temporary solutions!

    TL;DR: Hi, I’m the Arbitrary Nerd and I like board games 🙂

    Universal Head

    Well met and welcome, ArbitraryNerd! Yes, unfortunately really good box inserts are pretty rare – they do exist, but I imagine they’re the first victim of production cost-cutting. Often they’re either non-existent (Fantasy Flight Games) or over-designed so much they’re annoying (Lords of Waterdeep). And of course that’s where foamcore steps in. Most of my games have foamcore inserts, and they not only keep things neat, they vastly speed up set up and pack up time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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