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    Universal Head

    I already have a huge collection of AT-43 figures (but then I have a lot of Confrontation too, but I still bought into WoK), but I wonder if CMON are ever going to consider a science-fiction tabletop miniatures game, maybe even using the WoK mechanics as a starting point?

    I’d love to see a scifi universe that has as much character as the WoK one, something a bit different from the usual US-marines-in-space or grimdark cliches that we all know so well.

    It would seem to be the next logical big thing for CMON to tackle tabletop-wise, but perhaps they’re waiting to see if WoK takes off.


    Wok is popular in China… Wait… Did you mean Wrath of Kings and not a cooking pan?

    But seriously, I’d buy into an SF game using WoK rules. Really sad I missed out on the WoK kickstarter and would gladly back a CMON SF miniatures game… although I prefer they don’t go the games workshop way and create ‘Orcs in Spaaaace’…

    Wait… Isn’t there is piggy WoK army… ‘Pigs in Spaaaace… ‘

    Bit too muppets?


    CMoN may have burnt up too much goodwill from the Sedition Wars Saga to try a space version of WoK in the near future.
    Also the style of WOk figures I suspect would more easily adapt to something similar to Dark Age which could be too much of a conflict of interests.

    Addanii is space suits could be interesting though.
    I’d like to see the WoK designers interpretation of a Sci-Fi version of WoK – possibly more in the line of the COGs design art – now they have shown what can be done with the WoK “plastics” and no hampered by prepainting considerations.

    I would however think some sort of WoK board game tie-in to take advantage of the background material a more likely next step.

    CK Lai

    Having bought the Sedition Wars game (not via KS) I don’t think CMON burned anyone too badly in the sense that it’s a board game, and if they said it’s an SF tabletop minis game using the WoK mechanics, folks would accept that. I thought the game was OK but the minis were horrible to assemble. They were also my first minis to assemble after a LOOOONG while away from the hobby. Probably not the best re-introduction, but there you have it.

    The only question is: are people getting CMON Kickstarter burn out? They seem to be doing one every 2 months!

    Universal Head

    Considering the success of Black Plague, it doesn’t look like it …

    CK Lai

    Aside from Zombicide. That franchise seems to be like a license to print money for CMON.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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