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    CK Lai

    Ugh. This is doing serious damage to my vow to only back the Alkemy KS as my last Kickstarter for this year.

    Is there more to this game than an Euro worker placement game with fancy minis?

    (I have no willpower when it comes to games with minis…) 😛


    I like the theme & the artwork by Jakub Rozalski which is reminiscent of Simon Stalenhag’s work.

    The board seems a bit busy with lots of markers and tokens. You’d probably get used to them after a few games.

    The videos seem to indicate play is Euro worker placement game style, which Mrs Razide does not like.

    CK Lai

    Yeah… but look at the box art. So evocative.

    And it’s a 4X game. Euro style.

    Universal Head

    Very tempting, but possibly too Euro for me. I didn’t like Terra Mystica, so I’m not excited by the comparisons with that.

    CK Lai

    Yeah… looking at the gameplay video… lots of fiddly little bits.

    OK, so it’s a 4X game. Conquer territory, gather resources, build factories, go forth and conquer. Very Euro-ish at heart.

    I’m backing because of the money-back guarantee and the possibility of solo play… Love the theme and background but that’s what the heart says… the head says no, it’s not my usual type of game.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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