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    It almost took me as long as it took to paint the minis to finally make photos of them all. But here they are, quick and dirty (The photos that is, i put less effort into them this time).

    Like last time, i tried something new with every miniature, but i wont go into much detail so you don’t spend too much time reading 😉

    First the Heroes. With these i wanted to speed up. Be really quick and have a clear color scheme for each of them as well as the whole group. Starting with the Bandido

    The US Marshal
    US Marshal

    Saloon Girl
    Saloon Girl

    And the Gunslinger

    The whole bunch

    Then we got the Void Spiders. Usually i prefer to stick to the artwork, but with these i decided to go crazy and try whatever i wanted to. Also made my first blending attempts (before the workshop i went to).
    Void Spider

    Void Spider Group

    I painted the other tentacles in a different color scheme, so these got the blues of the artwork.

    Also, with that solo one, i practiced the blending i learned during the WS, mainly to get it darker near the bottom. You can see the difference in the group photo, the fast painted one in the front, right left to it a little behind, the one more effort went into.
    Tentacle Group

    The stranglers

    Again on these i practices the learned techniques. The first one got nice smooth but slow blending (bluish purple, over deep purple to pink on the mouth; the photo doesn’t really do it justice though) and all the others were done with quick wet blending. To create the first one, which looks slightly better, took as long as wet blending all the other five figures together.
    Stranglers Group

    The larger Night Terrors
    Night Terror

    Night Terror Group

    And the big Goliath. On this one i continued what i started to practice on the Stranglers. Finally being able to paint nice and thin strokes. And also there’s water on the base (but i wasn’t smart enough to take a photo from a better angle to show the result from this first try)

    One last look.
    On Board

    So that was it. I enjoyed painting these but not as much the other set. Overall i prefer Swamps of Death over this one (i mainly prefer the monster diversity there, here the artwork of all but the Goliath is blue). And also i began to dislike the poor detail of the minis more, the more figures i painted. So my main goal really wasn’t to paint them as good as possible, but as fast as possible while still practicing all kind of stuff.


    Another excellent showcase!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Universal Head

    Absolutely stunning work – I must start linking to these showcases from the front page, we’re seeing some top notch work here. Anyone object to me doing that?


    Thanks a lot lads!

    No objection from me.

    CK Lai

    Very nice!


    Good work the heroes came out really well. The browns can make it hard to give them individuality but your ones are nicely characterful.
    The larger Night Terrors are particularly effective too.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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