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    I haven’t posted much here lately, mostly due to me having been in Germany for a while.

    Anyway, I am back and i got a new insert ready. This one is for Swamps of Death. It’s probably also usable for the other set but i haven’t tried it yet (perhaps there are different map tiles that wont fit). Until now i stored it with the plastic insert that came with the game which was fine. But i always had to puzzle the map tiles and other things under the insert so everything would fit. Also the rulebooks didn’t really have enough space and were laying kind of curled in there while all the tokens were in bags and a handling of everything during the game could take some time.

    On top are the rulebook and the adventure book, also the two biggest map tiles which wont fit otherwise.

    Then there’s a tray for all the cards. Also, as expected, there’s a little overkill token-tray to put right on the table.

    And on the bottom there are the miniatures, map tiles, dice, a space for my sleeved most shuffled cards and some extras.

    The monsters, characters and town-charts lay nicely on the map tiles, i just took them out for better visibility.

    Overall this one was rather quick and easy to make.

    Have a nice day!

    Universal Head

    Very nice indeed. I must admit I’m holding off on this one until until I see how much space all the extra (when *will* we get our extras?) arrive and I see how much space everything takes up. But this is very good, if maybe a teeny bit overkill on the token tray as you say! 🙂 Clever card organisation.


    Hehe, i know exactly how you feel Universal Head. But since it turned out that it will be at least Q1 2016, possibly even later (except if you got in for that wave 1.5 shipment), i figured we play and need this now and not in a year. But i guess you could organize the boxes to make one hold all the figures (depending on how many there actually will be, looks like TONS) and the other one all the rest, that would be smart. 🙂

    Universal Head

    Seriously, it really does seem that Flying Frog got themselves into a mess with this Kickstarter. They must have got carried away with adding stretch goals and neglected to do any sums at all.

    I’ve played the game and enjoyed it for what it is, a very basic dungeon bash. But making backers wait so long for what they backed is pretty ridiculous. And quite apart from that, I can’t imagine FF wil be making much of a profit after all this extra shipping, extended timelines and extra product.


    Oh man, nice insert. And I do love a nice token tray. 🙂

    Though I wonder how easy it will be to get a finger down into some of those smaller spaces.

    Very nice design though.


    Thanks WonderSlug!

    I was worried about the space, too. To my relief i can get my finger down easily.

    Even the smallest spaces (which are those 6 sidebag token ones) have enough room to get down and tokens up.

    But then nature gave me piano hands. So probably not all fingers will have such an easy time. I’ll see that as soon as we get to play it again 😀

    Universal Head

    I was worried about the space, too. To my relief I can get my finger down easily.

    Said the bishop to the actress. Boom-tish!

    (Sorry … couldn’t resist.)



    I was wondering if you had a plan available for this insert, I would love to put this together for my game.




    I’m new to EOG and was wondering if your insert was available somewhere of if you had a plan for it. I just got the game and really looking forward to have it neatly organised.

    thanks in advance

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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