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    The time has finally come as I’ve finished up my first painting project last Saturday and finally had the chance to take photos of everything to share it with you.

    This time i tried to take photos with a black back background and took Peter as an example. So i got a front and back shot of every kind of figure and a group shot with all the remaining models. So let’s dive right into it.

    First off, the good guys. The heroes were the last minis i painted before the Harbinger, so i had tried my luck on a lot of monsters now. This is the Preacher, the first of the heroes i did and also my very first human miniature. I did struggle a bit with his face but it was quite a squishy one to begin with.

    Next our Lawman. The man in black and right hand of the law. He’s not the law though, that’s Judge Dredd.

    Whenever scouting is needed, Wet Eagle is ready to be your Indian Scout.

    And to have a reason for the boys to gang up on each other every now and then, the Rancher. Her chest was lacking so much detail, you basically have to freehand everything there.

    So now, we got quite a posse together.

    We got the heroes out of our way, so we’ll move on to the monster, exciting isn’t it? First off an old acquaintance. The Tentacles. You’ve already seen them in my other post but now the photo is in the same style as the rest.

    Next I did the Hellbats. Had a lot of fun with those as i wanted to push my highlighting further, my first struggles to paint a fine line and not get paint everywhere else and some strains on my patience as i realized what it meant to try to paint six minis as best as i can in a row.

    Then again there’s a stubborn little creature in me which oftentimes has to finish what I began, preferably in one sitting. Of course that creature learned it’s lesson when the Hungry Dead came around. I couldn’t let the thought go to have them all painted differently which resulted in a lot of thinking what colors would make sense. Silly me.
    Hungry DeadHungry DeadsHungry Group

    The first big guys. The Slashers. I made these somehow simultaneously with the Hungry Dead. Tried my luck with an airbrush on these which resulted in something i see as satisfying. After a failed attempt on the Harbinger…

    Now. NOW. The moment you’ve hopefully been waiting for. We get to the one creature which downed me. Being pretty much clueless what to do with such a big thing after all these tinys I used an airbrush to paint him. It resulted in utter failure and just increased my fear of the beast. After I worked on some others and got a good result and more experience on the Slashers, I was ready to continue this guy. So let’s see the Harbinger.

    Of course there is much room for improvement but i am very content with what i was able to achieved on it. Yes, that’s a magic mushroom with a golden skull and a snake on the base. Also lots of darkstone. I made that base long before i painted most of the minis. Actually when i was filling a lot of gaps, i used greenstuff to sculpt and gave others pieces of it to try their luck. Thus the snake, mushroom, skull and a small hill on the base were born instead of throwing it away.

    I always wanted to try something new with every miniature. For example on the Slashers, i tried the Airbrush and trying to texture a smooth surface. On the Harbinger i tried some object source lighting with the blue glow of the mushroom and so on.

    Thanks for reading and i hope you like them! I definitely learned a lot and had fun 🙂



    Hold up a sec…

    You’re not happy with the harbinger?! It looks fantastic!!!

    I tried using my air brush on my valyndra figure and I just could not get the paint to come out right. It was just watery and kept coming out in wet spurts instead of smooth even paint like I see others do. I think I need to take an airbrush class or something.

    Anyway. back to your Harbinger. Amazing! Can we get some closer shots of it? I want to get closer to it. I looks so good!

    Impressive getting all that painted. I’ve never seen the slasher before. You did a great job on him. I like how he sort of glows in the caverns against everything else.


    Thanks a lot WonderSlug! There must be some kind of misunderstanding…i am very happy with the Harbinger! 😀

    As for close-ups: have you tried looking at the image in full size yet? Right-click “view image”? What parts would you like to see closer?

    Getting the airbrush to work right depends a lot on how much you thin down the paint. With some paints it even depends on what you thin them with. I used army painter colors and some few by citadel, thinned them with water only. If you look through the internet, they mostly thin with a mix of water and window cleaner. The right amount is when it reaches the so often mentioned “milky consistency”, whatever that exactly is. You just have to get a feeling for it. Quite liquid, but not watery.

    This video series (1-4, although you can skip 1 i guess) helped me a lot to get into it:

    Also the intermediate one (1-3):

    Hope that helps!


    Nice work with your miniatures they look great and bring a lot of colour and character to your gameboard. Your Harbinger is mighty impressive.


    Thanks razide! I’m looking forward to seeing some of your wrath of kings figures.


    Thanks for the response, Marcellus. I’ve actually watched that first series, but it’s been a while and I could probably benefit from another viewing.

    As for the Harbinger, you said, “Being pretty much clueless what to do with such a big thing after all these tinys I used an airbrush to paint him. It resulted in utter failure and just increased my fear of the beast.”

    I guess you went back over him though, so that’s cool. He is freaking awesome!


    Exactly, that’s what i meant with “After I worked on some others and got a good result and more experience on the Slashers, I was ready to continue this guy.”

    My first try didn’t come out well but later on i had a second go at him, just painted over what i had and the result is what he is now 🙂

    Peter gave me a tip to use large brushes and thin paints. I will probably try that with the Goliath, as i do not have a large enough brush yet (only worked with 1/0).


    ah hah! Here’s what I was doing wrong… This is what my results kept coming out like…

    I was trying to paint a very light color against a red, and the color change wasn’t happening (to my eyes) quickly enough, so I thought, hell, just get closer… Fail.

    Practice Practice Practice.

    Universal Head

    Wow, MW, they look absolutely fantastic, and great photos too. I’m really chuffed that you’ve shared these pics with us. The harbinger rocks, and if I had my airbrush (sadly, in storage at the moment) I’d be painting it that way too.

    Really impressive stuff and I love your bright colour choices – love those orange tongued hellbats. The overall look suits the game perfectly.

    Amazing work, and again, thanks for going to all the trouble to inspire us!


    Thanks UniversalHead, of course i happily take the extra mile for the order.

    Are we going to see yours soon? Anything left unpainted?

    Universal Head

    Only the lobster things, the hellbats, and the harbinger to do, but they’ve taken a bit of a backseat as I’m working on the Wrath of Kings Nasier faction – and some terrain. Also filming a tutorial for the terrain making!

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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