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    If you don’t have a copy of this crazy game from Panther Games, circa 1985, try to find one one Ebay, because it’s excellent fun. Set in Shanghai between 1899 and 1949, you play a foreign nation attempting to exploit the Chinese populace. The aim is to to acquire money through racketeering, industrial pyramids, mugging, thugging and general skullduggery, stash it in a Swiss bank account, then get out before the Communists take over without being assassinated by the other players. Richest player who gets out alive wins.

    One rule change suggested on BoardGameGeek is a great addition though: allow players to spend money to influence their dice rolls in the early stages of the game while acquiring rackets, $10,000 per pip (i.e. to change a 5 to 2 would cost $30,000). This really speeds things up and prevents wild imbalances between the players.

    Universal Head

    I had no idea it was made by an Australian company – and amazingly they’re still around, only now they make software for the Defense Force.

    A tough game to find these days I imagine. Must get myself a copy one day.

    Universal Head

    Just scored myself a copy on Ebay, finally.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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