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    Bit of a naff question, really… But what are the top games that really tickle your fancy?

    From my end, at present, I’ll say:

    War of the Ring
    Arkham Horror
    Mansions of Madness
    Galaxy Trucker
    Freedom: The Underground Railroad
    Ghost Stories
    Nothing Personal

    Some runners-up: Game of Thrones, Letters from Whitechapel, Tales of the Arabian Nights, Room 25, City of Horror, Memoir 44, Mystery Express, Twilight Struggle, Mystery of the Abbey, Witness, Libertalia, Space Alert, Carcassonne.

    Fury of Dracula just arrived this morning, so I’m anticipating some disruptions to this list…

    Universal Head

    Current arbitrary favourites are:

    Blood Rage
    Fury of Dracula 3rd Edition
    Rum & Bones
    Android Netrunner
    Wrath of Kings
    Dark Moon
    Eldritch Horror
    Star Wars Imperial Assault

    I designed the rulebook for Freedom: The Underground Railroad – they never sent me a copy though! Hoping to give Mysterium a go next week.

    You have good taste in games!


    All things considered I haven’t played that many board games but some of my favorites are:

    Mansions of Madness
    Dead of Winter
    Elder Sign
    Red Dragon Inn
    Bang! The Dice Game


    In no particular order some of my favorites are:

    War of the Ring (I also ordered the WotR painted collectors edition due in 2016)
    Memoir 44 (I also have most of the expansions)
    Heroscape (not sure if it counts as a boardgame – but i love it!)
    Space Hulk (A CLASSIC must-own grail game!)
    Blood Rage (The miniatures are superb; great game as well)
    The Battle of Five Armies (I love Tolkien – and this game is easier to get to the table than WotR)
    Middle Earth CCG (If you play this on the Middle Earth map with LOTR miniatures to represent your parties, it is like a boardgame – the best CCG ever IMHO)
    Battlelore 2.0 (I want to get the undead faction to add to my base game)
    Kemet (I don’t own this one, but i have played it and like it alot)
    Claustrophobia (Really good dungeon crawl – I love the fact that the “Good Guys” are convicted criminals/murders doomed to Hell!!)

    Some others that I really want to get/try are Fury of Dracula, Runewars, Tannhauser, Eldritch Horror and Spartacus.


    Currently these are my favorites:

    1. War of the Ring (has been #1 for a long time and will probably stay it while I draw breath)
    2. Eclipse
    3. Twilight Imperium 3 (because I probably get to play it soon for the first time)
    4. Game of Thrones (not the card game)
    5. Race for the Galaxy (always a good filler)
    6. Eldritch Horror (fairly new acquisition)
    7. A Few Acres of Snow
    8. Battles of Westeros (1-play that I liked a lot)
    9. Mice & Mystics (wonderful story)
    10. X-Wing


    I suppose the list should be based on how often it has been played (as you don’t play it a lot if you don’t like it), so in no particular order…

    Elder Sign (own the app too, Omens which is great for journeys)
    Eldritch Horror
    Fortune and Glory
    A Touch Of Evil
    Shadows of Brimstone
    Tide of Iron
    Lord of the Rings LCG
    Mansions of Madness

    CK Lai

    Currently (and in no particular order)

    – Web of Spies
    – Burgle Bros.
    – Dungeon Saga
    – Myth
    – Age of Conan
    – Alkemy
    – Wrath of Kings
    – Deadzone
    – Star Wars: Imperial Assault
    – Shadowrun: Crossfire


    Eldritch Horror (also Arkham Horror)
    Rising Sun: Seas of Iron
    Kingdom Death: Monster
    Wrath of Kings – still painting the buggers
    Cthulhu Gloom/Cthulhu Fluxx
    Cadwallon City of Thieves
    Wings of War/Glory
    Android NetRunner – bought it and a bunch of card packs but still have not played it yet.

    After watching the Dreadfleet battle report videos I’ve pulled out Jutland and looked at the counters then felt my head throbbing so now I’m thinking of digging out the BattleFleet Gothic box.

    CK Lai

    @ Razide: hey… another City of Thieves fan? Sweet! The only reason why its not on my list right now is the same as UH’s: I don’t have access to the game at the moment.


    @ CK Lai – I need to try out the King of Ashes expansion. The Mid Nor troll painted up really well too.

    CK Lai

    @ Razide: yes, me too. I really need to get this game out of storage and hitting the table for 2016 🙂


    Very tough question, but here’s a go:
    Memoir ’44
    War of the Ring
    Shanghai Trader
    Squad Leader (yes, going back to the 1980s here)
    Space Hulk (2nd edition)
    World in Flames
    Tide of Iron
    Ticket to Ride

    I’ve left out Wrath of Kings, Dust Tactics Battlefield and Hell Dorado on the basis that they’re tabletop games (and Dreadfleet because I’ve heard it’s crap 🙂 ). I’ve left out a host of other old Avalon Hill games like Russian Campaign, Panzer Leader and Battle of the Bulge on the basis that I rarely get a chance to play them anymore (and with Panzer General and its equivalents on the computer that’s possibly understandable). And of course Blood Bowl should really get a mention, but again, haven’t played it for years.

    Looking at the lists there are clearly MANY games that we need to acquire so we can play-test them on video and provide a rules summary. Over to you Mr Universal Head.

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