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    I just had to post this 😊

    After seeing the Space Hulk battle report, one of my favs (I miss Will), here on the EOG, I got the itch to get this game into my collection and get it on the table myself one day.

    So I eventually scored a used 4th Edition the other day for only €125, listed as near mint and undamaged. Yay! Well, when I picked it up at the post office, the seller had just taped around the precious game box, oh the horror, but it escaped with only a few minor scratches. And it turned out to be a 3rd Edition, no worries, but the hourglass was broken, the minis badly cut from the sprues and some of the pins to attach the arms was also broken. All that was easily remedied with some filing, scraping and gluing. And I also found a 4th Edition hourglass with an extra set of dies, overpriced, on ebay.

    But then I found a brand new 4th Edition listed at a game store here in Norway for only €115, last one of course, ordered! So now I can enjoy the fun of unboxing this gem brand new! Who would have thought, for that price, in 2020. So now I’m the “lucky” owner of two Space Hulks. But I’ll part with the 3rd Edition, and will sell it for a reasonable price since I do not like scalping.

    I have to say that this game does look much better on the table in person than I expected and I can’t wait to paint it up and have a go. I’m going for the easy route with contrast paints to get it finished ASAP Zulu Kangaroo.

    Happy gaming everyone!

    Universal Head

    That happened to me when I bought Space Crusade once, the seller sent me the box without anything wrapped around it, I suppose figuring that it was a box and that was enough. What an idiot!

    So glad you got a good copy.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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