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    Been looking into Speed Freeks and comparing the cost to Gaslands.

    £70 (not the retail price, but price where I buy) for Speed Freeks with six bikes, two buggies, dice, terrain, rules, templates etc is not bad really.

    Gaslands appears cheap at first sight, the rules are cheap, but by the time you have bought templates, custom dice, tokens it’s starting to add up. Throw in the cost of toy cars, modding them, building terrain etc… I doubt there is much difference in price. And in the UK you can’t get everything from one supplier, so postage costs will start to add up.

    And those four double sided boards in Speed Freaks, along with the terrain, would be good for Kill Team and Necromunda, so that’s some recycling too.

    I have played neither, so can’t say which game is better, but to me the main advantage of Speed Freeks is that it is all in one box… along with stat cards for four more buggies if you feel the need to custom build from old airfix kits, assuming you have any lying around (which I sadly don’t).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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