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    So…will this be a “proper” TT game Star Wars Game at last? Scaling from Skirmish to Mass Combat? If so…will this bring new blood to the hobby like never before? This could be really amazing…what do you guys think?


    I am curious about how the system/rules are….

    I also wonder if the SW:Legion miniatures are the same scale as the Wizards Star Wars pre-painted miniatures (of which i have many)???

    Universal Head

    I wish I could still get excited about Star Wars … but I can’t.

    CK Lai

    I’m cautiously excited but a bit cheesed off these TT minis are not the same scale as the IA ones. So much for trying out the game before I buy 😁


    If the figures are a little smaller, don’t worry about it…

    “You’re a bit short for a stormtrooper!”

    Only matters with tournament. If I go for this game, I will most certainly be recycling my IA stuff… spent too much on it not to.

    I do find it odd how obsessed people are with scale, 28mm, 32mm, heroic scale…

    It’s a game… if you’re playing with friends and you can differentiate one unit/figure from another… who cares?

    Edit: Demo game out there now…

    And I just watched the demo. Liked it. The movement ruler is similar to those in Armada I think and the notch in front/rear of speederbikes is good. Also, moving a unit leader first and then just plonking his men around him speeds play.

    I’m a sucker for Star Wars and miniatures, so I suspect I will buy.


    Personaly I do not bother with the exact scale…for those who want realistic minis…we are not all the same hight also…so no problem as long as the “style” does match. I would not take Lego and mix it just because its also Star Wars 🙂

    If the rules are available then it should also be easy to play with other star wars minis out there…so I hope that that is the case….but I did not read anything about that to date.

    I am not sure from the few things we saw up to now how this game will develope. So I want some more Infos on the future releases and the direction of the game to get a better picture. Different units and abilities and what big things besides bikes will be there. Hope it will be interesting and not too expensive…yea…who am I kidding.. :-/


    I suspect that FFG will release Legion in a similar manner to X-Wing.

    Core box + 4 units/heroes initially

    Every few months another 4 units/heroes boxes.

    Maybe once a year they will release some bigger boxes.. vehicles or campaign packs.

    And of course they will throw some battlemats out there along with extra dice, movement tools etc.

    Price wise, I’d expect the units to be priced similarly to Imperial Assault, perhaps a bit more for units as it looks like 5 figures per unit, not 3 which is more common in IA.

    As for the rules… I suspect the only way to get them will be the core box.

    And although we can use existing figures in our collections to bolster the ranks, we won’t have the cards as they will be packaged with the miniatures. However, you can always double up on the units by sharing a card and proxying with the IA (or other) stormtroopers, rebels, etc.

    Would be nice if, like the IA box, some figures were represented by tokens, but their cards were included.


    I thought this demo video by Team Covenant (with the designer) gives the best impression of the game yet. I quite like the gameplay, though Runewars is superior to me due to the stronger guessing/bluffing element.

    I saw the tables and the minis at GenCon and they are truly beautiful.

    A downside is the lack of more than 2 or 3 factions, and the very strong existing visual definition – not much variation in paint schemes is gonna happen. Pink stormtroopers anyone? 😉 Also, mirror matches would feel REALLY weird.


    Did you go to GenCon50 or have you seen the stuff online?

    I also liked the Team Covenant demo video…TC have a nice pace and lots of ecperience ect. Like their potcasts too 🙂
    Also…the guys stopped the designer from veering to much of just at the right moments ^^

    I am not sure about the supirior bluffing element…the demo was really small and the guessing was quite limited…so with a few more units it would be much stronger I guess. And something I wonder about…and you might have a lot of experience with now…is the guessing/bluffing in RW as strong after a few games when you know what the units can/can´t do? Or does that “wear off” after a while?

    The faction “problem” is one of those points I want more info on to see where this game is heading. I could see Clone Troopers/Genoshans/Gungangs/Mandalorians (Theed Palace Guards look a lot like Imperial Guard to me ^^) ect. as lots of options…if they choose to do so. Only classic Stormtrooper vs. classic Rebel would be sad.

    And with the painting…I also would not like to see entire pink stormtrooper squadrons :-)…but with battle signs,scars,tatoos,different shoulderpad/helmets,special squads (for different enviroments or special tasks) ect. there could be quite some individualizition.

    I am really looking foreward to more info on this one 🙂


    I think what disappoints me is the wait until next year 🙂

    But you’re right about the factions. Empire, Rebels and Scum.

    However, the variety will come in the leaders I feel.

    Luke will play differently than Han, Leia, Lando, Ackbar etc.

    For Empire it will be Darth and an assortment of Generals probably.


    Soooo.. at last some new stuff….a AT-ST and Snowspeeder where added. Sadly not with a good comparision picture…but I think they scaled them down considerably…which is ok for me. Models look good…but I had hoped to know more about the faction plans…well…mayby later. Or I will have a chance at Essen to get infos…that would be cool…

    Universal Head

    There‘s something really irritating about re-buying very similar minis to the Imperial Assault system. I like the Snowspeeder, though it does look quite small.

    Anyway, I’m Star Wars-d out, and like Runewars, I’m afraid I won’t be buying into this one. A new tabletop system is a very large investment so I really have to be excited about it.

    I did however play X-Wing last night for the first time in ages, and really enjoyed it.

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